O.S.A.G. Weeks 24-27: Break It On Down, Bruh.

Well, not much has changed with what I’ve been eating. I can honestly say that, since I’ve upped the number of times of day that I eat, I feel less hungry during the day. Since, I’ve been down here, I can say that I have yet to make it to a Fast Food spot (which is definitely a good thing). Everyone’s been telling me to check out The Waffle House and all these other spots. Honestly, outside of The Waffle House and The Varsity, I don’t really wanna check out many other places that sell fast food.

I have been to a couple restaurants since I’ve been down here though. A couple weeks back, Cousin and I went to Atlantic Station and we went to Strip and I ordered some Sushi (Pollo Roll and some Shrimp Bruschetta). The food was good. And this past Thursday, Babs, Lauren and I went to 255 Lounge, which is a tapas spot in Castleberry Hill. I ordered the Crab Balls, grilled Butterfly Shrimp and something else. I liked the spot and I’ll definitely have to check it out again before I leave. With Atlanta Restaurant Week coming up soon, I definitely want to check out more spots. Hopefully I’ll make it to No Mas Cantina within the next week or two. Even though I’ve been eating out more often, I’ve been sticking to my “diet” (if you can really call it that).

Here’s the daily breakdown:

Breakfast (6:50-7:05 am):

Cereal (I know Sixty, I’ve been staying away from the Frosted Flakes aka Crack, It’s either Raisin Bran Crunch OR Frosted Mini-Wheats)

Snack (10 am):

Granola Bar and Water

Lunch (12 Noon):


Cup of Ramen Noodles

Can of Soda

(Unless it’s the one day a week I choose to eat out)

Snack (2 pm):

Some Chee-zits or a piece of fruit AND more Water

Another Snack  (5-6 pm):

Hot Pockets or Salad and Water or Juice

Dinner (8-10 pm):

Boston Market TV Dinner and Juice. (Unless I go out for dinner, which is usually once or twice a week.)

This week, I’m gonna have to buy pots and pans, and hit up Kroger for some chicken, turkey or something. When I say I’m truly tired of Ramen Noodles, I MEAN IT. I know what I’m eating isn’t the best as far as health goes, but I’ve been going off affordability and not health (sounds rotten doesn’t it?). As long as I eat healthier and keep drinking water by the liter, I should be fine.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Anybody watch the Olympic Trials on Sunday? It sure as hell seemed like all those runners were getting injured…”

The Song of the Moment: “Need U Bad” by Jazmine Sullivan

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  1. waffle house
    is black mans ruth crisp

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