To Go or Not To Go…

That is the question.

Being down here in Atlanta these past few weeks have opened me up to alot of things including the possibility of relocating down here to work and/or relocating to acquire my Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering/ Transportation from Georgia Tech. Even though that is the case, I’m at the point where I’m trying to figure out if I should in fact go to Grad School. After being in school for so long, I’m ready to get this degree and be out. But, on the other hand, I know that if I go to Grad School, it increases my earning potential, and it gives me a leg up when applying for a job. Back in the day (aka 6 or 7 years ago), my Dad and I were conversing on various subjects, and of course education came up. I don’t remember very much about that conversation, but I do remember him saying this to me; “Go as far as possible with your education, once you get out into the work world, I highly doubt that you’d want to go back to a classroom”.  Duly noted Pops, duly noted.

Random Thought of the Moment: “*Sigh* Decisions, Decisions.”

The Song of the Moment: “Welcome to DC” by Mambo Sauce.

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9 Responses to To Go or Not To Go…

  1. Charles says:

    I wanted to go to GA Tech…and I’m glad you got the chance to see it for yourself. I personally am taking a lil break from school cause that has me burnt out right now…

    Good luck on the grad school decision though

  2. Timah says:

    I’m in grad school now (not in engineering) and am really ready to get out of this joint and move on. I’m in the 20th grade now. *Sigh*

    Sounds like you’re in a great position to get a feel for both the school and work environment there. Best of luck on your decision.

  3. go with your heart folk

  4. DCBuppie says:

    Dude its a recession. go back to school

  5. Suga_HiL says:

    I think you should def go 2 grad school, only if u’ll fully take advantage of it. I graduated in Dec. 05, and realized how much I needed and wanted my MBA, so yeah I sacrificing a lot right now studying for the GMAT, and etc. But it will all be worth it 2 yrs from now. Plus, My fam and friends gave the same advice you got, do it while u have no kids, not a lot of debt, and nothing but time on your side.

  6. a.tiara says:

    You know if i knew what i wanted to do like you already know..i would sooo go to grad school. the real world is sooo overrated lol Plus like you said you will be more marketable with a masters degree. i saw so many jobs for engineers that required a master degree as minimum in the education requirements. But after sayin all that please do what u feel. ur makin me want to move to Atlanta!

  7. Tiffany in Houston says:

    I think you should get a job and find let your company pay for you to go to school.

  8. Babs O'Leary says:

    Go to grad school. Enjoy student life as long as you can! The real world sucks.

  9. anon says:

    I say go to grad school now only if you don’t have to pay for it (i.e. scholarships, grants). Otherwise, it’s probably best to enter the workforce and let your employer pay for it.

    Hubby and I are both engineers. I went to grad school straight from undergrad. He didnt’. We’re both at the same point in our careers but he always gets promoted before me and he makes more than me. However, I think he’s at a point in his career where having a masters can be the deciding factor when choosing who makes it to the next level of leadership. While it’s not mandatory, I do believe it gives an edge.

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