I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday…

Best Friend A and I drove down to PG County so that Best Friend E could lock his hair. We sat, chilled, laughed and played PS 2 for a few hours while she did just that. Around midnight she finished his hair, and we left. As we turned onto Central Avenue headed towards the Capital Beltway, it started to rain heavily. So heavily to the point where you could barely the road ahead of you with the windshield wipers on. I wasn’t complaining because my car needed to be washed, and Best Friend A was chattin away on his SK3 with his broad of the moment. We merged onto the Capital Beltway and that’s when the fun began…

Driving past the exit for Landover Rd., I noticed that it was unusually uneventful except for the noticeable fact that the highway was damn near empty. Anyone that’s driven on the Capital Beltway at night knows that there’s always some type of traffic. As we neared the exit for Route 50, I saw it. A car, in the embankment flipped upside down on its roof facing oncoming traffic. I didn’t see anyone or anything so I assumed that whoever was in there had already been removed. I pointed it out to Best Friend A and he said “Damn Yo, niggas out here driving crazy as hell.” I agreed with him and kept driving.

When we got to the exit for Kenilworth Avenue, we saw another accident, this one with the tow truck on the scene. One car had its side bashed in pretty bad, while the other had its grille practically destroyed. “What the hell is goin on tonight?”, I asked Best Friend A. “I don’t know, Yo.” he exclaimed. I kept driving, slightly on edge from just seeing two accidents within a mile of each other, but I tried to keep my game face on. As I-95 split from I-495, we saw another accident in which an SUV rear ended a sedan. The SUV looked like as if it was barely scratched, while the sedan looked like a monster truck drove over the trunk. Little did I know that this was only the beginning…

Random Thought of the Moment: “My hands were shakin’ like Michael J. Fox that night…”

The Song of the Moment: “Testify” by Common

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3 Responses to I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday…

  1. a.tiara says:

    How you gonna leave us hanging like that!!! lol yea people in MD-VA Area do not know how to drive in the rain. Scenes like this are too typical when its bad weather. I just hope when Im driving no one hits me cause I’m driving slow and I dont care! lol

  2. memories are great and can be sad
    thats one reason i write
    i have so many of both

  3. J. Dakar says:

    I’m with a.tiara. The beginning of what? What happened? Huh? HUH?!

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