Still Remembering…

Did ya’ll like how I left y’all hanging on Friday? Haha.

We left the Capital Beltway after seeing all those accidents and I would be lying if I said I was at my calmest, although I tried to front like it didn’t phase me. Usually doing the 40 minute drive back to Baltimore from Best Friend E’s house, I take that time to ride and think. However, on this day, my mind was farthest from thinking about whatever was going on in my life, It was thinking “I need to get the hell off this road, and fast”. After about 45-60 seconds of driving, we saw another accident. This car was on the left shoulder of the road and it was turned on its side. At this point, all I could do was shake my head and try to keep my cool. The road was still empty except the occassional car, and that did nothing to calm my nerves.

Right before we came to the Prince Georges-Howard County Line we saw another accident. There were two SUV’s on the side of the road. It appeared as if one of the vehicles had run into the side of the other. There were two tow trucks on the scene and the people that were in the vehicles were on the side of the road with the police. The rest of the ride in Howard County was uneventful. Best Friend A never looked up from his Sidekick and I believe he actually dozed off. We almost made it to Baltimore County, when I decided to change the song on my iPod. I glanced down for two seconds and switched it to The Roots’s Things Fall Apart album. As soon as I looked up, I immediately dropped my iPod and slammed on brakes. Wonder why?

There were 4 cars in the middle of the road, all with their lights off. Mind you, at this time, it was around 12:25 in the morning. One car was flipped over, another car spun out and was in the middle NB lane (the lane we were traveling in) facing oncoming traffic, one car was pulled off to the side of the road and the other car front grill was all smashed up. After Best Friend A exclaimed “What the hell?”, I said “Fuck this, we’re getting off at the next exit and taking the long way home.” As I pulled off on Route 100 headed towards Ellicott City, I took my hand off the wheel and noticed that it was shaking. My nerves were shot because if I had been looking down at my iPod an extra second or two, we would have had a head on collision with that car (at 70 MPH).

Best Friend A asked me “You ok yo? Calm down son, calm down”. After he said that, he called Best Friend Q and told her what happened; she ended up staying on the phone with us until I dropped him off at home.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Can RIM set a release date for the Blackberry Bold already? Geez.”

The Song of the Moment: “Glory Box” by Portishead

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1 Response to Still Remembering…

  1. I hate seeing accidents on the road, when i was little I was always peering out of the window but now I’m scared to look at the damage

    @ your random thought…I want a BB but now that they might be coming out with a touchscreen BB Thunder Im trying to decide if I should wait on it or just get the Curve or Bold since I qualify for an upgrade….decisions decisions…I posted the 7 deadly sins meme btw 🙂

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