Music Review: Dwele’s Sketches Of A Man

Those that know me, already know that I don’t listen to albums all the way through. I’ll pick the 2 or 3 songs I’m feeling and keep it moving. but that definitely is far from the case with Dwele’s new release which is entitled Sketches Of A Man. I bought this album two days ago on iTunes and at this point, I’ve listened to the album 6 times in it’s entirety. This is an album that you could listen to while you’re at work (as I do), cruising, cleaning, cooking or you may even hear it in the background at your local Happy Hour spot. The CD contains 21 smooth clean tracks that seamlessly blend into one another which make it hard to press that ‘Next’ button.

Here’s a track-by-track synopsis:

Sketches of a Man (Intro): Starts off with Dwele sketching (drawing) something, and then the sound helps this into morph into a classic track.

Free As a Bird: Describes Dwele’s getting rid of a troublesome female and actually being damn happy about it.

Feels So Good: This is a track you could definitely dance to. Coincidentally, this song IS about taking a lady and gettin’ down on the dance floor.

Blow Your Mind:  A chill intro which is about blowin’ that lady’s mind. Leads right into the next track, which is…

A Few Reasons (Truth, Pt. 2): A track where Dwele shows his appreciation for the woman in his life.

Open Your Eyes: A track which is bases of Bobby Caldwell’s ‘Open Your Eyes’. Very reminiscent of Common’s The Light. Definitely a positive track here.

Working On It: Track where Dwele talks about how the woman in his life is an inspiration for him to get back into the studio and work on tracks.

Brandi: Song about a girl named Brandi (obviously), which mentions what he saw when he first met her and then how she turned out to be a gold digger. Talib Kweli adds some bars to the track.

5 Dolla Mic: Another short track here. Talks about how he makes due with a mic he copped while on the road.

I’m Cheatin’: The first single from the album. I’m not gonna front, I was confused by this track. I took this track to mean that Dwele is cheating on his girlfriend with her alterego. (If that makes any sense).

You Won’t Be Lonely: Another interlude. Has really interesting percussion in the background.

Love Ultra: A track where Dwele talks about wanting to be with his lady.

Travelin Girl: Song where Dwele talks about the woman in his life that travels all over the world.

If You Want To: Talks about being there for a woman that he has history with.

Shady: Song about Dwele dealing with a shady female.

70’s: Another Interlude. Real mellow track.

Vain:  Track where Dwele asks the woman in his life if she can live without all the material possessions that he can afford and just survive with him.

Spiritual: Interlude where Dwele talks about wanting to make a relationship work with the woman in his life.

I’m Sorry (Wake the Musical Baby): One of my favorites. About penning a song. The sketching sound heard in the CD’s intro can be heard toward the end of the track.

Body Rock: My favorite track on the album. Track about the fellas meeting up with a group of ladies and whatever activities said group of people could possibly get into.

I’m Cheatin (Remix Featuring Slum Village): Same as single version, with some bars added by Detroit Rap Legends Slum Village.

I’d definitely say this album is worth the purchase. So go out and cop it!

Tracks worth copping:

Free As A Bird

Feels So Good

A Few Reasons (Truth, Pt. 2)

Open Your Eyes

Working On It


I’m Cheatin’

Love Ultra

Travelin Girl

If You Want To


I’m Sorry (Wake The Musical Baby)

Body Rock

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3 Responses to Music Review: Dwele’s Sketches Of A Man

  1. Im lsitening to his first album or some cuts in my shop now

  2. lukas buenger says:

    It’s T3 of Slum Village rapping on “Brandi”, not Kweli.
    Interesting thing to know:
    Open Your Eyes (which reminds me much more of Commons “The Lights” than of the Bobbie Caldwell’s original), Working On It and Brandi are all based on beats originally made by J Dilla. Open Your Eyes can be found on Common’s ‘Like Water For Chocolate’, Brandi on Slum Villages ‘Fantastic II’ (Go Ladies) and Working On It is one of the many gems on Dilla’s last instrumental album Donuts (Workinonit).

  3. AZandhin says:

    This Album is Fire I love every track Apart from Body rock, I hope for his next album he mixes the vibes of the album Rize with this masterpiece (excluding body rock)

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