Turning the Tables.

Apparently, they’ve stumbled onto something new. For the first time in almost 50 years, cities around the country have noticed the abrupt decline if not complete reversal of White Flight. For those of you that are unaware of what White Flight is, allow me to provide a brief explanation. White Flight is a trend in which working and middle class white familes move from inner city minority neighborhoods or suburbs to white suburbs or exurbs.

In layman terms, this basically means that the white families that originally left the inner city starting back in the 1950’s to move to the suburbs and raise their families, are now coming back and pushing the current residents out through various methods.

In addition to this, most cities are starting to see a type of “Black Flight”, in which, middle class black populations are starting to leave cities for the suburbs. These shifts in the population of a city have left local business scrambling to make up for lost revenue. Some businesses that have been in place for 20+ years have said that they intend on following their clients out to the suburbs while some businesses may end up closing altogether.

Whites have started to move back into cities in increasing rates due to the fact that their families are shrinking, and because of the fact that the price for a gallon of is approaching $5 in most places. I don’t have a problem with anyone moving anywhere, but I do take issue with new people coming into neighborhoods and completely gentrifying them to the point where they are almost unrecognizable. People with higher incomes are moving into areas and forcing people out of their own neighborhoods.

Do you think that this growing reversal in white flight is just a passing fad, or do you think that this is trend is indicative of something larger?

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7 Responses to Turning the Tables.

  1. a.tiara says:

    I think its indicative of something larger. You already know in Baltimore city they knocked down almost all the low income housing to make room for new condos and hospitals! John Hopkins is taking over. I think all inner cities that experience the “white flight” should know things are gonna be very different…usually not in a positive way..

  2. GMan says:

    I would also say something larger to a point. Once one person does something then everyone wants to do it. And people are going to move back into the cities to save money if the amenities they are looking for are there. But I also feel like there are more people that would rather be outside the city in the suburbs than inside the city because you typically get more for the money. But maybe that is just me and I love living in the suburbs.

  3. I think it is indicative of something larger to a point. Everyone is trying to make the best of the situation in the economy so ppl are starting to take notice of trends and probably thinking about the future. I’m sure when times get a lil bit more stable ppl will gradually start coming back.

  4. K.I.M. says:

    I’m torn on the issue. While it’s wrong to push people out of a neighborhood…

    I hold inner city folk accountable for the condition of their neighborhood. A friend of mine who was black (but had $$) moved into a transitional area. His neighbor did not own his house, had all sorts of beat-up cars in the back yard, 2 loud @ss dogs, an unkept yard etc. On some streets, there was trash all around etc.

    The capitalist in me says…well obviously your property value is low and it makes sense for somebody to buy something cheap and reap the rewards of the return on the investment.

    IMO – it’s a catch 22.

  5. dennisjansen says:

    Urban renewal. I’m all about it.

    Abercrombie and peppermints.

  6. brran1 says:

    Damn you Jansen. LOL

  7. I have experienced this first hand when my apartment complex was torn down to make room for townhomes about 2 years ago. I understand the need for everyone to save a dollar, but why displace people who are happy in their location forcing them to move for people who have the money to live anywhere they want. Children were displaced from schools with friends and local business went kaput. I’m not fond of it but I wonder what will happen when 20/30 years later when everyone wants to move back to the burbs??

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