Rock Off, Shake Off

I remember going to the Downtown Locker Room at Mondawmin Mall, pumped like the 14 year old kid that I was. You’d think that I was going in there to cop some gear, but na. I was going in there to cop K-Swift’s Club Queen Volume 5 CD. As soon as I got home, I played that CD for days on end. My mother never said anything, but I’m pretty sure she was tired of hearing tracks likeĀ  ‘Baltimore City’ and ‘Dance My Pain Away’ on repeat for almost a week without rest. This past week, when I heard of K-Swift’s accidental death from Best Friends A, N, and Q all within an hour of each other, all I could do was get nostalgic for a minute. I turned off my Gospel Playlist and turned on my Baltimore Club Music Playlist in honor of one of the greats. Now, knowing me, I had to turn it off after about an hour because I was seconds away from busting out with the Spongebob right then and there on the spot. As a native Baltimorean that grew up listening to Club Music, I couldn’t help but feel some type of way about this news.

Khia “DJ K-Swift” Edgerton


RIP. Don’t forget to show those angels how we rock off. You’ll be missed.

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2 Responses to Rock Off, Shake Off

  1. Charles says:

    See…I don’t know anything about Baltimore Club Music…but if you like it…and A.Tiara like it…it has to be halfway decent. I heard about K Swift and that is tragic. Craziness…

    You should hit me with some club music tracks to check out…

  2. a.tiara says:

    LOL @ charles. I def will tell you about some to catch you up. B probably knows more tho lol

    I was so sad to her the news. I cant believe shes gone. I feel like I grew up with her for real. RIP Khia.

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