Heavy Rotation XI: The SideKick Shuffle Edition

This isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Anyways I’m on my way to work and I decided to post what I’m listening to right now.

“Come Close” by Common

“Going Up Yonder” by Walter Hawkins

“Lick” by Joi

“Tennessee Slim Is the Bomb” by Joi

“Say” by John Mayer

“I Decided” by Solange

“Need U Bad” by Jazmine Sullivan

“Never Would Have Made It” by Marvin Sapp

“Ahora Es” by Wisin Y Yandel

“Dime Quienes Son” by Wisin Y Yandel

“Magic” by Robin Thicke

“Glory Box” by Portishead”

“It Was You” by Emily King

Am I the only person with an iPod that has never put their device on shuffle?  Well, now that I think about it, I have done it once, and after then I vowed to never do it again. Now y’all might find this to be funny, but I thought it was far from that. Earlier this week, I was sitting at my desk listening to “Lick” by Joi and well, that song puts work-inappropriate thoughts in your head. After that went off, and I had the female form on my mind heavy, guess what song came on? *cues music* Never Would Have Made It…

Needless to say, I turned that off, prayed really quick, and turned on some Jazz. I definitely don’t need that happening again.

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7 Responses to Heavy Rotation XI: The SideKick Shuffle Edition

  1. She Is Qui says:

    LOL!!! talk about a mood buster!!
    thats weird that you don’t like your music on shuffle.
    i can’t listen to it when i know what the next song is going to be.
    if that song had you being a mental perv at your desk… i need to check that out! being that i am an all around perv

  2. a.tiara says:

    LMAO yea I guess gospel would ruin the mood. I think thats why i keep my gospel music in a seperate playlist LOL.

    YAY to you liking Solange. I actually like the music ive heard so far!

  3. Very rarely do I listen to my entire library on my iPod on shuffle. However I always have a select group of playlists on shuffle…especially when I’m at work.

  4. I feel you on the shuffle business: I don’t like how it mixes up moods. I like to have my songs organized in playlists, like that when I’m feeling lovey-dovey I won’t get my Alicia Keys mixed up with my Kirk Franklin, nor if I’m in need of a spiritual boost, I won’t get my gospel mixed up with my Futuresex/Lovesounds.

    And I totally love Common’s “Come close”!

  5. charles says:

    First off…you’re wack for having an ipod. I’m just an apple hater…plus I love my zune. But yea, when I did have an ipod/and on my zune I keep mine on shuffle. Sometimes I forget what songs I actually have and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That Robin Thicke joint goes so hard though, doesn’t it??

  6. brran1 says:

    @Best Friend Q: Yes, you are a perv. lol

    @A: That’s the only song of her’s i’ve heard. It’s pretty cool though.

    @Lauren: I usually only mess with 2 or 3 playlists while i’m at work. They help me to focus, which with me having an unconfirmed case of ADD, is never a bad thing.

    @Linsay: I feel you. Isn’t Common the business?

    @Charles: Man, you just mad cuz your joint had the sad face! 😦 LOL. And that Robin Thicke song is the truth. I’ve been riding with him since ‘When I Get You Alone’ was hot.

  7. I just now started to put my windows media player on shuffle but usually I just take the songs I like listening to the most and make a new playlist.
    Come Close & The Light are still my top 2 fav songs by Common

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