Hey brran, What’s Been Going on During the Past Few Days?

Last Friday, I had a meeting with the boss. We went over the entire project I’ve been working on over the past 8 weeks. Strangely enough he mentioned that I did pretty well for a person that had not been exposed to the majority of the stuff that the project covered.

You know what my response was to that? “Uh, okay…That works for me” LOL. I’m not even gonna front, if it wasn’t for the coworkers that sit around me, I would have been more lost than Chevy Chase during National Lampoon’s Vacation.

After work, I got on the MARTA and headed back to the train station closest to the aunt’s spot. I swear, Friday was a day of bad smells. It was as if I was standing in a locker room with people that had not showered for months. I definitely wish I had some deodorant on a rope so i could go around swiping underarms. That crap was not attractive, nor pleasant smelling at all.

This past weekend, I mainly stayed in the house (to get out of all this damn Georgia heat) and had a TV on DVD Marathon. I watched the first two seasons of ‘In Living Color’, and the entire Mr. Bean series (not the movie, the TV show. Now who remembers that?)

Today at work, im going back and fixing what the boss said I needed to work on. This should take a couple of days (if I stretch it out), so between this, and a minimal amount of blog browsing, I’ll keep occupied.

Random Thought of the Moment: “13 days ’til I head home!”

The Song of the Moment: “Millionaire” by Kelis featuring Andre 3000

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3 Responses to Hey brran, What’s Been Going on During the Past Few Days?

  1. LoL @ stanking folks on MARTA, at least you dont have them sitting next to you on the regular or throwin up pure vodka less than a foot away -shudders-


  3. brran1 says:

    @Diamondsr4eva: I definitely would not have been a happy camper.

    @GladItsNight.com: Lol. don’t hate, don’t hate.

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