Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

That’s how it goes right? Apparently, some school districts in Central Georgia couldn’t agree more. These school districts have brough Corporal Punishment back to the classroom. That’s right, you heard me. Corporal Punishment. With express permission from parents, Facullty members will paddle disruptive children. This rule extends from Elementary School students, all the way up to High School students.

Here’s my issue with this whole thing. Granted, you have unruly kids in the classroom. But, I personally do not feel as if spanking children will make their behavior any better. Chances are, by the time the kid is in middle school, paddling will have little to no positive effect on said child. Corporal Punishment has no place in the classrooms because it provides an added disruption to the classroom. I also think that it is personally up to the parent how they want to raise and or discipline their child. Public Schools should not have a say so in what type of discipline to give a child.

I feel the need to explain that last statement I made. I’m all for giving out detention, removing students from the classroom and even suspending them because of their behavior. But I draw the line at Corporal Punishment. I feel that a paddling won’t stop a kid from acting out, so why even reinstate the rule?

Of course this would happen in Central Georgia. Let a teacher try that on an inner city kid and there’d be a riot lasting for days.


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8 Responses to Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

  1. She Is Qui says:

    what?! your telling me that they are trying to “spank” 12-18 yr old kids? you’ve got to be kidding! i wish someone stranger would “spank” my child! i’d catch a serious assault charge!

    there are soooooooooooooo many doctors out trying to teach the world that “spanking” only creates a violent child so i can’t believe that these people really think “paddling” these will do any good. i spank my child! no one else. if he is having problems behaving in school, they need to let me know instead of taking a wooden paddle to his butt

  2. brran1 says:

    @Chickie: LOL this is in central Georgia, not in Philly or NYC. I think there is a great difference in the mentalities of these two places. In central Georgia (read: The Boonies) they can do this and not face major opposition from the community at large. If this was in a large city, we all know that this issue would probably start a riot.

  3. She Is Qui says:

    well they better be glad that i’m not in there little town because i’d have Al Sharpton’s clown ass alllllllllllllll over it

  4. ndenise says:

    I need to think on this more, but right now I have two reactions: 1) If parents want to give such express permission to have their kids disciplined in school, in a controlled environment, with limits on how far the corporal punishment can go, well then isn’t that just an extension of their will as parents? It’d be totally different if the school was implementing such a policy and said damn parental permission, this is how we do. 2) I think that we as a culture have added a burden to our schools and teachers, the burden of raising our children. Sure, school is where you learn so much about socialization and life, what is and is not acceptable in society. But it is not your home, your principal and teachers are not your parents. Adding this level of discipline is just another way for families to pawn off their parenting responsibilities onto teachers who are already stretched beyond belief.

  5. a.tiara says:

    yea corporal punishment will not work on these kids now days. Their parents really have to enforce good behavior at home. Its no need for teachers to potential get hurt or sued because they think putting their hands on a child will solve everything.

  6. Linsay says:

    Damn, corporal punishment still exists? All I can think about is that episode on “King of the Hill” when Peggy got overzealous with the paddlin’…not a good look. I mean, it’s much better on a psychological, social and pedagogical level to figure out why the kid is acting out, rather than to paddle the kid’s ass into oblivion. At some point, his/her butt cheeks will be desensitized and so will he/she.

  7. dennisjansen says:

    I’d sue.

    assault and battery
    n. the combination of the two crimes of threat (assault) and actual beating (battery). They are both also intentional civil wrongs for which the party attacked may file a suit for damages

    n. the actual intentional striking of someone, with intent to harm, or in a “rude and insolent manner” even if the injury is slight. Negligent or careless unintentional contact is not battery no matter how great the harm. Battery is a crime and also the basis for a lawsuit as a civil wrong if there is damage. It is often coupled with “assault” (which does not require actual touching) in “assault and battery.”

  8. GEO says:

    This is what I think:

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