Adventures at a New Barber Shop.

Ok. Being away from my barber back home is really weird. I’m used to being able to go in, sit in the chair, and have my barber do his thing. But now, I actually have to tell the barber how I want my hair cut. Last Tuesday, I checked out a barber shop over in East Atlanta that one of my coworkers happens to frequent. After braving traffic on the connector and I-20, I finally made it to the barber shop around 6:30 or so.

Outside of maybe 2 or 3 people waiting, it was empty (the sole reason why I only go to barber shops during the week). Before I could even sit down, the barber in the front chair asked if he could help me, and sent me to a barber who’s chair just opened up. So how did I get my hair cut?

1.5 inch cut with long, thin and pointy sideburrns with rounded edges in the back.

I usually just get my mustache and chinpeice cleaned up

Dude did a pretty good job when it was all said and done, although I don’t know why he asked me if I wanted my cut darker when I told him I wanted a one and a half inch cut.

Cousin gave me the info for her boyfriend’s barber shop, but the only thing about them is, they close at 5 PM during the week, and I don’t get off until 4:45 PM. That’s nowhere near enough time to drive all the way out to Cobb County for a haircut.

Random Thought of the Moment: “Hmm, I wonder why my hair grows back slow at times and faster at other times.”

The Song of the Moment: “One Mic” by Nas.

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8 Responses to Adventures at a New Barber Shop.

  1. downbeats says:

    This is precisely why the same woman has been doing my hair for 18 years.

    And I think that hair grows at a speed according to your sleep schedule. When you sleep, your hair grows slower because your body is slowing down. That’s why you have more facial hair if you get less sleep. At least I think…

  2. Kriss says:

    Closes at 5pm? That sucks.

    Good song of the moment too. I was just listening to it.

  3. She Is Qui says:

    why would you want your hair darker?its your hair already black? what color was he going to give you.. Westley Snipes blurple?

  4. I can count the number of people who have cut my hear in the last 20 years on one hand. 5 people. I don’t like new barbers. Then again, I don’t have that problem anymore as I shave my own head now.

  5. a.tiara says:

    u see woman are the same with their hairdressers. ive only had one and I hope she never retires!!! I dont know what im gonna do if she does.

    well at least ull be back in bmore so u can b reunited with your barber lol

  6. thats why i cut omy own hair. hate barbershops!

  7. quietstorm34 says:

    Glad it came out well. Trying new barbers/stylists is a crap shoot sometimes.
    Hair has growth cycles and not all your hair grows on the same cycle. So, sometimes it seems like nothing’s growing and other times it’s like “didn’t I just get this cut?”

  8. lapedra says:

    Hey, I’m a barber and would like your opinion. What are you looking for in a barber? Do you like your barber to be professional, talk to you, give youa business card..what? I’m trying to build my clientele at another barbershop and I want to stand out from the rest. Check out my blog site at

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