Music Review: Algebra Blessett’s ‘Purpose’

I first stumbled onto Algebra sometime last year while looking for new music on MySpace. The track I fell in love with was “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”. I felt like it kinda sorta fit how I was feeling at the moment, and I do believe that the song was on my MySpace profile for awhile. Anyways, a few months back, I went out and copped Algebra’s album which was entitled Purpose. I let it sit for a few weeks before I actually took the time to listen to it. The first time I heard it, I was blown away. This album has been in my rotation ever since.

Here’s a track by track synopsis of the album:

At This Time: Opening Track on the CD. Algebra talks about how she feels about the dude in her life.

Halfway: Old school joint. Produced by Kwame (you know, dude that used to rock the polkadots back in the day). Algebra talks about wanting to progress in a relationship, but for that to happen, she needs the dude to meet her halfway.

Run & Hide: Talks about realizing that she’s in a relationship not worth being in.

U Do It For Me: Track where she talks about how a new dude is making her switch up her M.O.

Happy After: Track about wanting to live happily ever after. I wasn’t really feeling this one.

My Pride: Track that talks about Algebra letting her pride getting in the way of reconciling with her man after an argument.

Simple Complication: Track where Algebra has to deal with her man getting another chick pregnant. She tells him to handle his responsiblities.

What Happened?: My favorite track on the album. Track where she wonders what went wrong with a relationship that just ended.

No Idea: Song where Algebra talks about developing feelings for a friend that she came up with.

Tug of War: Song about the ups and downs of a relationship.

Can I Keep U?: Track where Algebra talks about wanting to be with a dude that’s not really emotionally available.

I Think I Love U: Track where Algebra talks about having feelings for a dude. The title is pretty self explanatory.

Come Back: My second favorite track on the album: Algebra talks about how she wants a dude back in her life after he left her. She talks about how she wants to try to please him.

Now and Then: Let’s give this thing called singing a try…lol This is a track about how she felt about someone in the past, and how she feels about dude now.

Tracks you should cop:

At This Time


Run & Hide

U Do It For Me

My Pride

What Happened

Come Back

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5 Responses to Music Review: Algebra Blessett’s ‘Purpose’

  1. You also have to try to find this track she has called “Nothing to Prove” — sucks that it wasn’t on the album! It’s one of my theme songs…

  2. a.tiara says:

    I love Algebra’s cd as well!!!!! I think I love you is my favorite:-)

  3. pserendipity says:

    Brran, what else you got??? I stole this from your playlist a while back and I’ve even turned Tim on to it. I guess I can’t be too demanding of your playlists. I’ll just wait…**kickin rocks**

  4. She Is Qui says:

    why didn’t you turn me on to her?


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