Thoughts About Atlanta

Without further ado, here’s Atlanta/Internship wrap-up. Now I know this post is 2 weeks late, but better late than never, right?

I stayed up the night before I left home until almost 3 AM because I waited until the last minute to pack my clothes. I guess it was nerves, because the lack of sleep didn’t deter me from the task ahead: 12 hours on the road, driving to Atlanta, Georgia. I got in the car, hugged my mother and my neice, and hit the road. Those that know me, already know that I’m down for a road trip, so i was ready for this.

I got to Atlanta, confused about how traffic works on Georgia Tech’s campus, but I finally made it. I was in a city that was so different from home, but similar in so many ways. As I got acclimated to my surroundings I started venturing out to see my adopted hometown.

I fell in love with Atlanta. The restaurants, the sights and the history. Now that I think about it, the only thing I wasn’t feeling about Atlanta was the traffic and the heat. I could’ve definitely stayed down there much longer. Truth be told, I only missed home the first couple days I was down there.

Surviving on my own isn’t anywhere near as bad or as hard as I thought it would be. I budgeted, and basically handled my business while I was down there. This trip was definitely a dry run for living on my own, and it was a worthwhile experience.

The Internship went very well. I believe I mentioned it before, but I worked on my project and ended up completing it a couple days after the 8 week soft deadline. My supervisor basically told me that “I did excellent on the project and that my understanding of the subject matter was excellent for someone who hasn’t had the majority of the required coursework.” He said that definitely wanted me to come back for next summer, which is definitely a good thing. If I do go back, I’ll probably go into Bridge Design or Traffic Operations.

Although they want me to come back, I have my eyes set on an internship with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. It’s way closer to home, and on top of that, I’ll be gaining experience in transit. Definitely a win-win situation.

I definitely need to shout out Lauren, Coop, and Babs O’ Leary for inviting me out with them and showing me Atlanta. Thanks Ladies.

I also want to thank RDB for the invite to come kick it with him down at his shop. Sorry I didn’t make it through folk. I’ll definitely be through the next time I’m in the A. And who knows? I may have a dog by then.

Coming tomorrow: Thoughts About Atlanta: A Photo Blog

Random Thought of the Moment: “I guess reminiscing is never a bad thing.”
The Song of the Moment: “T.O.N.Y.” by Solange

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4 Responses to Thoughts About Atlanta

  1. ahhhhh isn’t Atlanta the best? Id def co sign on how much I hate the traffic and the heat, but aside from that, its just beautiful!! Congrats on the internship!

  2. a.tiara says:

    aww Im glad u enjoyed ur experience in the ATL!!! With all the internships under your belt you def will be good with gettin a job when u graduate. Cant wait for the pic post!

  3. hey man no problem next time for sure cause when im up yo way in dropping in invite or not lol

    u know u miss the A

  4. brran1 says:

    Yea. I do miss the A.

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