Adventures at the Apple Store

So I finally made it back home from the Apple Store about my laptop. It was cool up until last week. When I decided to download and install the new version of iTunes in addition to some security updates, the computer mentioned something about an error. I did everything I could think of to remedy the issue but nothing worked. After that, I downloaded some music from iTunes, and all went well until about 8 of the songs I paid for ended up disappearing. I finally gave up and decided to head to the Apple Store. Here’s what happened:

Me: “Hey. My computer’s been on the fritz lately”

Genius: “Okay. Let’s take a look at it.”

…five minutes pass by and after he tried to fix it he says…

Genius: “Okay. It appears that you have some keys out of order.”

Me: “I know. I saw the error message when I ran fsck (don’t ask me how to pronounce it), but what does that mean?”

Genius: “Basically, as time goes on the system files on your computer start to corrupt themselves, and there’s nothing you can do except backup your info and reformat your drive.”

Me: “For a laptop that costs well over a grand, you’d think that not even the apocalypse could corrupt it. But um, ok. Well I lost my disc for Tiger so can you guys do that here?”

Genius: “Sure. But it’ll cost $85.”

Me: “I think I’ll go home and look for my disc.”

Random Thought of the Moment: “Let me get back to all this damn homework.”

Song of the Moment: “Cosmic Journey” by Solange featuring Bilal

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2 Responses to Adventures at the Apple Store

  1. Suga HiL says:

    I feel you on computer issues..I did a post on my issues maybe like 2 weeks ago. I had to do a full system recovery. I was emotional, angry, etc, you how it is when you are attached to your laptop. The best advice I can give anyone dealing with comp issues, try not 2 be 2 emotional, always backup, and know matter what don’t tear up while you are on the phone with tech support.
    Good luck and prayers 4 ya.
    Suga HiL

  2. a.tiara says:

    yea..i hate the geek squad at best buy for these very reasons. it seems like they never say anything new. I hope you find your disk!!!

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