Disappearing Acts

I’m starting to think that a small family of vagrants is taking over my house. Why, you ask? Because things in my house are starting to disappear or be used up in no time at all. For example:

1 lb. each of Turkey and Ham: Gone in 3 days.

One of those huge ass 60-load bottles of detergent: Gone in 2 weeks.

3 Bars of Soap: Gone in 2 weeks.

My patience: Gone in 60 seconds.

Idk what it is. Maybe being on my own for 3 months has forced me to be more aware of my consumption of things. I do know one thing though. I didn’t go thru 3 bars of soap in two weeks.

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2 Responses to Disappearing Acts

  1. LOL @ this post.

    I certainly understand.

    Morgan Grad c/o 97

  2. brran1 says:

    Morgan State in the building!

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