Throwback Thursday

What tracks are these?

(Ok, so I thought it was a woman singing this track. However, when I saw the video, it was a dude. Anyways, it’s still one of my favorite tracks from back in the day)

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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. Qui says:

    i know the first video! vernell (i hope i spelled his name right) is my dude! i love him!! he is always jumping around with his silky straight katt williams perm!

    LMAO!!!!@ 1:52-2:00
    now who do you know that would be dancing like that?!!! i watched it like 4 times! LOL

  2. i thought first was EWF song

  3. Eb says:

    wait you thought groove tonight was sung by a woman?

    ha… that is funny!

  4. Horus says:

    Groove Tonight is a GREAT song! Let the groove, sink into your shoes! Thats my favorite line in the song.

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