Adventures At A New Barber Shop

I took the plunge and headed to a new barber shop. Sometime last year, while working in that other department here at the hospital, I noticed that one of my fellow coworkers had a razor sharp (literally) line up. I asked him where he went, and he told me about this new shop down in Fells Point and I made a note to check it out one day. Well, fast forward to almost a year and some change later, I finally made the trek down there to check it out for myself.

About 12 days ago, I drove down there, and got to the shop at about 10:15. I walked into the shop, and Salsa Music was blaring while SportsCenter was on mute in the background (reminds me of chilling with my little brother, whom I need to check on by the way, down at his house in VA). The shop was empty besides one barber and the dude he had in his chair. That was cool, because I wanted to see how fast I could get in and out. I ended up getting cut by the barber that walked in about five minutes after I got there, and everything turned out well.

Being satisfied with my last cut and the price ($14, btw) I decided to check it out yesterday morning before heading to school at noon. The same dude cut my hair and the hair cut was excellent as before. The only difference this time, was that dude wrapped my face with a hot towel, and used some store brand cold cream as shaving cream. I can’t remember the last time my shape up was cut that close, and it actually turned out well. After that, I dipped off, went to school and work, got home around 9:15 that night, and chilled until about midnight.

As I was in the bathroom, my sister came in and noticed something…RAZOR BUMPS!!!! I hadn’t noticed them until right then when she mentioned them, but after she mentioned seeing them, I found some on both sides of my jaw and under my neck. Maybe dude cut it TOO close this go ’round.

I hit up my trusty friend Proactiv during and after a 3rd degree burn inducing scalding hot shower, and although the razor bumps are still there, they’ve decreased in size.

I’ve been mentally comparing the Pros and Cons between my good ole trusty barber, and the new barber I’ve been to the past couple times. They each have a few of both but i’m gonna list them below. 

Pros (Old Barber):

I get the hookup (which technically cancels out once you factor in the fact that I have to pay to park ANYWHERE downtown).

An overall good haircut.

Never get razor bumps.

Diligence, or lack thereof. When I make an appointment down at the shop, I have to clear half my day because dude is always running late, running behind, or absent. For example, if I were to make an appointment at 10:30am, and arrive at that time, I usually wouldn’t get into the chair for another 30-45 minutes, depending on what’s going on.

My Shape Up has been Jacked Up on numerous occasions:

Pros (New Barber):

Was in and out in less than an hour (even though I was a walk in both times).

Cheaper than the other barber even after the hookup.


I got Razor Bumps! Even though it’s the first time it happened, you won’t see me  walking around trying to holla at the young ladies looking like I have Diaper Rash on my face. No sir.

The next time I go back to the new barber, I’m gonna tell him about it and see what happens. I’m not ready to cut my regular barber out of the picture just yet, but I don’t know if I’ll be going to him anytime soon.

Random Thought of the Moment: “I wonder when I’ll post again…”

The Song of the Moment: “Lonely Teardrops” by Jackie Wilson

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4 Responses to Adventures At A New Barber Shop

  1. Yea my barber hooks up my wig every time the only thing is he’s always running behind even if my appointment is 9am he’s already behind. But I trust few people to touch my hair so i stick wit it. Lemme know how it goes

  2. a good barber is hard to find. I’ve never had to make an appt with one though. That seem crazy to me

  3. Changing barbers is serious business. Since I graduated, only 2 people have cut my hair. Then I started doing it myself. If you aren’t ready to go with the bald look, be very careful about this decision.

  4. rawdawg says:

    women dont know that can be tramatizing. but then again i just get shaves lol

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