Various Random Musings

After reading Eb the Celeb’s blog and the drama with Designer Qui’s E-Stalker, is it safe to say that certain people’s mental states are questionable?

The semester is winding down, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward to just relaxing for five weeks.

Although that is the case, I’m still working my behind off to make up for those disappointments called Midterm Grades.

I wanted to go see my older brother this week but it looks as if I’ll have to push it back, yet again, due to the fact that I’ll be busier than R. Kelly’s Lawyer.

Speaking of being busy, I have an interview this week for a Summer Internship. Wish me luck!

Obama will be our 44th President. YES WE CAN! I was on the phone with Chickie when the results came through and instead of crying tears of joy, I burst out into a spat of expletives. Hey, I guess that’s the way I show excitement and joy. LOL

Although I am happy for Obama’s victory, I’m anxious to see how he and his adminstration are going to go about solving this country’s problems.

Outback Steakhouse’s food isn’t really all that great. I had the Bloomin Onion and was disappointed.

If I didn’t have to work on weekends, I would’ve hit up Super Dave’s Halloween Blogger Meet Up. Designer Qui and I were talking about going to that.

37 more credits left ’til graduation!!!

My Twenty-Second birthday is a little more than a month from now, and I can honestly say that I think it’s just gonna come and go like any other day.

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5 Responses to Various Random Musings

  1. dennisjansen says:

    lol… I like the onion… I think AppleBees has it too?

    Outback is expensive though… I’m cheap. McDonalds and TACO BELL!!! WOOO!

  2. charles says:

    I’m mad at Dennis big uppin’ Taco Hell. But yeah, outback is seriously overrated. And I’m tooooooo damn through with e stalkers.

    Good luck with the grades man.

  3. drinking to: your brother, 37 more credits – end of semester and the prez elect

    but not outback lol

    and yep, folks got some real issues

  4. Good luck with the interview and finishing up college. being busy is not always a bad thing.

  5. Eb says:

    definitely stay focused and not wrapped up in the drama that is more than evident in the blog world…

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