Delving into Differentials.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I was on top of the world. The training for my job which I had been summoned to on Thursday was cancelled via Voice mail. I headed to the Barber Shop and got a cut and line up. As I was rushing to get to Morgan from all the way down in Fell’s Point, I received a text message from one of my classmates informing me that class was cancelled due to the fact that the professor was in a conference.

After chilling out for about 30 minutes, I headed to my D.E. class where I had the conversation which I published in the post prior to this one. I’ve been beating myself up about the fact that this’ll be the first ‘F’ I’ve received for a final grade, but more so, due to the fact that I know I could have done better than what I did.

When school started back in August, the class had about 15-18 students. After Midterm exams and the Add/Drop period, only 6 students were left in the class. 2 students are barely passing with C’s and the other 4 of us are well below the threshold of any hope of passing.

At this point, I felt as if I should just hang it up and just concentrate on the two other classes I still have a shot of passing, but then I realized that all hope was not lost. I could ace the final, and still end up getting a D in the class. The last time I checked, D’s were much more friendlier to GPA’s than F’s, so the battle isn’t over yet.

I’ve just chalked up this class as a learning experience. Next semester I’ll be taking the same professor over again, and I know that I’ll have to study smarter. Hopefully my GPA won’t be impacted too bad by this class.

brran1 (Channelling Jose Vilson), who’s looking forward to not touching a book for the first two weeks of Winter Break…

Random Thought of the Moment: “Education has for its object the formation of character.”

-Herbert Spencer

The Song of the Moment: ‘Miles Away’ by Eric Roberson

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7 Responses to Delving into Differentials.

  1. Tracy Rosen says:

    Not so random, your random thought.

    I can almost taste your character as you describe the hard work that goes along with your education. Keep it up.

  2. Reminds me of when I took Information Systems the first time. Almost gave up to the point where I just stopped going. Took it again before I graduated and got a B. Keep your head up.

  3. Taiwan Brown says:

    sooo… u could have came? lol 😦

  4. rawdawg says:

    thats all we can do, u a waise man, learn from your mistakes

  5. Kriss says:

    Hang in there man. We’ve all been there. That sounds like my algorithms class. It was the only C I ever got in CMSC but I was so proud of it cause the other 80% of the class failed. Learn from your mistakes and knock it out the next time you take it.

  6. Jansen says:

    If half drop, and the rest are doing poorly, doesn’t that mean the professor is failing?

  7. Jose says:

    You channeled me and I didn’t catch it? Awww man. This is funny.

    But your situation? Not so much. Keep doing your best, man.

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