Various Random Musings

The semester is finally over, and I couldn’t be happier. Final exams are next week, so I’m gonna be hitting the books hard for the next few days.

As I’m typing this, I just remembered that I forgot to go pick up an application for the Army Corps of Engineers Internship in Germany for next Summer, and the deadline to pick up applications was yesterday. Dammit!

How the hell did Lil Wayne get nominated for 8 Grammys?

Speaking of Rap, I’ve been listening to Kid Cudi’s ‘A Kid Named Cudi’ mixtape. It was pretty good (and this is coming from a dude that NEVER listens to mixtapes). I’ve never actually listened to Mixtapes before, because I assumed that they were just new lyrics from another rapper over a track I’ve already heard before. I’m gonna d/l that new Clipse mixtape as well as the new Asher Roth one soon. Anyone know of any other ones I should check out?

My 22nd birthday is on 12/16 andI have yet to decide where I want to go. Since Best Friend E’s birthday is 12/22, we usually celebrate it together (Last year we hit up Dave and Buster’s out at Arundel Mills on her birthday, for both of our birthdays.) This year we decided to go out to eat for one birthday and go to a Bar/Lounge/Club for the other birthday. I’m checking out restaurants in DC to head to and I have it narrowed down to a couple spots. I think Best Friend E said she wanted to go to a Strip Club. I told her I’d go, but I’d only be bringing 10 singles. I’m not cheap, I’m just on a budget, dammit.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and go out and cop the New BlackBerry Curve (8900) when it’s released. I wanted the Bold, but I refuse to spend that much money for a phone. Hopefully T-Mobile won’t wait til the 12th of Never to release it.

My mother loves that Jazmine Sullivan song ‘Bust Your Windows’. She blasts it everytime she’s getting ready to go out. It grew on me afterwhile, but I have my own version for the fellas. It’s called “I Put Your Azz In the E.R.”. It’s definitely a banger.

I went to go chill with My Favorite Delta last night, and guess where we ended up… A freakin Nail Salon. I chilled in the front playing Tetris on my SK while she was getting everything filed, painted and shined. Why didn’t y’all warn me that the stench of that Acetone crap would be that damn bad? When we first walked in, I thought someone knocked the wind out of me. That’ll be the last time I volunteer to go ‘chill’ in a Nail Salon…

That Acetone crap really did synge my nose hair… (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

I finally got the Mac & Cheese that My Favorite Delta’s Mom made for me. On Thanksgiving Day, I sent out a mass text (with the exception of a few personalized ones) to almost 1/2 of my address book. It read: “Happy Turkey Day! Save me some Mac & Cheese!” And on Sunday, when she was on her way back to Baltimore from PG County, she actually brought me some. I was supposed to go pick it up on Monday but she’s been busier than Al Sharpton’s hairdresser on a Rainy Day.

I’ve been saying “We don’t believe you, you need more people” often as of late. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to think that I give I give people more credit than they deserve when intelligence is concerned. I’ve been reserving it for instances where people deserve the ‘wtf face’, and this past week, I can recall saying it at least 10 times. Here’s an example:

An Associate: “Yea, that was a subtle (pronounced with the b) such-and-such.

Me: ” A what? Oh, you mean ‘subtle” (pronounced correctly), right?”

An Associate: “No, not ‘subtle’, but ‘subtle’ (pronounced with the b, again). I wonder what that word means..”

Me: *insert ‘wtf face’ here* “Wait a minute, Your a journalism major and you don’t know what ‘subtle’ means? We don’t believe you, you need more people.”


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3 Responses to Various Random Musings

  1. as far as mixtapes… The Clipse one is good. You can check out Charles Hamilton, he has like 6 with pretty original beats.

    $10 at the strip club will not even get you a lapdance, I don’t think they do lapdances in DC so stick to a MD one.

    Happy Early B-Day just in case I forget.

  2. Tiffany in Houston says:

    Now I’m mad. I thought I was your favorite Delta!!! LOL!!!

    Maybe I can be your favorite old school Delta…LOL!!!

    As far as the nail shop. If we have to suffer for beauty, so do you!

  3. brran1 says:

    @TIH: Don’t be mad TIH. You and Pserendipity are my favorite old school Deltas. Just like Sixty and Coop are my favorite old school AKA’s. I got love for everybody!

    I don’t buy that suffering crap though. Not at all.

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