One Year in the Game…


For those of you that don’t know, today (12.13.08) marks my One Year Anniversary for Blogging.

I started The Black Lounge as a project to combat boredom over last year’s Winter Break.  And in the subsequent time, this blog and it’s previous incarnation ( has turned into something that is bigger than I thought it would be.

I’ve come to the realization that this is my soapbox. I can discuss whatever I want, rant about whatever I want, and actually have record of such things. And because of that, this blog has turned into a type of Digital Therapy for me.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to come across blogs that have invoked thought, blogs that have made me burst out in laughter, and even blogs that aren’t even/may not be around any more.

I’ve also been afforded the opportunity to interact and network with people from all over the world that are from different walks of life. Being in Baltimore, I can definitely say that it would be a stretch to assume that I’d come across all of these people while out and about. It’s definitely a good thing to be able to see that although we (meaning: people) are vastly different, we also go through alot of the same things.

Although this blog has been focusing on things going on with me personally and with my issues surrounding school as of late, I’ll be taking it back to how I used to run things earlier in the year (meaning more thoughts and views on issues such as Politics, the Economy, Society, etc.).

Over this break I have a couple of new projects underway:

My First Video Blog: Although I’m still on the fence with this, I’m actually considering video blogs.  But, I enjoy being semi-anonymous, and I don’t really know what the heck I would talk about.

Photography: After reading Ross Oscar Knight’s Photography Blog, I’ve decided to get back into photography. I’ve always been interested in snapping shots, but haven’t really had much time to do it (or anything else) because college is no joke! I’ll be carrying my Canon Powershot around with me more often, so more Photo Blogs are on the way.

And last but definitely not least, O.U.T.: Our Urban Thoughts (or O.U.T.) will be a new Blog/Forum for those that want to discuss any and everything that we as Young Adults face nowadays. (Peep the ‘O.U.T. Fam’ section in my sidebar to see who the other Co-Founders/Admins are.)

There are a couple of other projects I’m apart of that may or may not come into fruition,  so I won’t mention them just yet. However, you should definitely be on the look out for all of those things I mentioned!

Finally, I personally want to thank everyone that takes time out of their hectic day to stop through and see what’s going on in my life. I also want to thank the people that drop comments on a regular basis, and on a not so regular basis. Hearing everyone’s viewpoints on whatever post is up definitely keeps me on my toes (or makes me laugh because what y’all say is hilarious). Lastly, I have to give a shout out to my Blog Fam (Coop, Lauren, 1/3, J. Dakar, RDB, TIH, Jansen, Sincere, Pserendipity, and everyone else) and The Tribe for keeping tabs on me and checking in at random times.  It’s greatly appreciated.

Here’s to another year!

Random Thought of the Moment: “I just realized that I know about 7 or 8 people that have a birthday today. Happy Birthday y’all!”

The Song of the Moment: ‘Unstoppable” by Santogold

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5 Responses to One Year in the Game…

  1. TravelDiva says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary!

  2. a.tiara says:

    I know I said it already but congrats B!!!! i think you coming to my blog actually kept me from closing it down lol

    good luck on your future projects! I say go for the video blog..u could really expand ur audience that way.

  3. Looking forward to catching up on your posts and seeing your video blogs in the upcoming year!

    – KNIGHT

  4. Tiffany in Houston says:

    Happy Blogoversary!!!

    Glad to be a lil part of your blogworld. Who knows in the ’09 I might get up the nerve to blog my damn self! 🙂

  5. pserendipity says:

    Yay for you! I do so enjoy coming here and reading your blog, so don’t stop! Glad school is out and you can take a well-deserved rest!!

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