No Time for the Dumb Shit.

Here at The Black Lounge, I pride myself on maintaining a space where I can interact with others while sharing my thoughts.

On a post I wrote awhile back (read: almost a year ago), I talked about my favorite 15 Jay-Z tracks. Seeing as how I’m more of an R&B dude, I may not be up on every single classic or hidden track, but I know the tracks that I like and can bump when the mood arises.

In the comments section for that post, certain people stepped out of bounds with their comments and I gladly put their asses in check.

This is a spot where people can come to voice their opinions on issues, and while I greatly appreciate comments and feedback on what I write, I DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate any type of disrespect in any form or fashion.

Take that dumb shit elsewhere.

Issues? Hit me up at, and we can discuss this further.

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3 Responses to No Time for the Dumb Shit.

  1. Tiffany In Houston says:

    I don’t care Snoopy Track still shoulda been a single!!!!

  2. 1/3 says:

    LOL tell em how you feel B! lol

  3. Sincere says:

    that’s right. get in their ass bruh! I hate dumb shit like that. ppl come just to hate wtf is that about? If you don’t like what you reading keep it moving.. Anyway keep ya head bruh.

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