25 Random Things

I finally got tagged for that ’25 Random Things’ thing over on Facebook. I decided to post it over here though.

1. I have 7 moles on my face.

2. I lived in Atlanta for 3 months this past summer, and now I’m trying to move back.

3. If I can’t get to Atlanta, I’ll definitely try D.C.

4. I’m the clumsiest person I know. I fall up the stairs at least once a week, and on occasion, I choke on my own spit. I’m serious. lol

5. I’ve always wanted to buy an old muscle car and restore it.

6. My three favorite bands are Gym Class Heroes, No Doubt, and Paramore.

7. I used to watch LA Law and Night Court as a little kid.

8. I like the smell of Gasoline. (You won’t see me at the gas station taking fumes to the head though.)

9. As far as food goes, I’ll try almost anything at least once.

10. I’ve always wanted to go to California. I’ll be there before my 30th birthday.

11. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a tap dancer.

12. My favorite car is the ’09 Volkswagen GTI.

13. Even though I’m 6’3″, I want to test drive a Smart Car.

14. If I was my current age back in 1989, I already know I’d have a Jheri Curl. Activator, and all. LOL

15. I can eat Rice with every meal.

16. I put Hot Sauce on  almost EVERYTHING I eat.

17. When I was younger, my sister used to say that my feet were so crusty that I could kick up sparks. LOL

18. I think I want a tattoo. I think….

19.  Cheddar Jack Cheez-it’s are Baked Crack.

20. I’m still researching Grad Schools

21. I’m researching Summer Internships as well.

22. I already know I’d win everything on a Game Show. Cash Cab or Price is Right, anyone?

23. I hate Cheesecake.

24. No really, I hate cheesecake.

25. I could go for some White Castle right now.

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6 Responses to 25 Random Things

  1. zoso says:

    Cheesy rice for breakfast is what’s up!

  2. 1/3 says:

    I think I want a tattoo as well…not sure where or of what lol

    LOL how could u not like cheesecake! its good! lol

  3. come on down to the atl and what kind of car

  4. April Rose says:

    Are you talking about me tagging you? It was only appropriate =]

    4. El oh freakin el. You’re a mess.
    8. Me, too. I thought I was the only one lol.
    18. Of what? I want another one. Let’s get one on our way to Boston =]
    23 & 24. What the hell is wrong with you? =/ We’re making a pit stop at Junior’s.

  5. I’ve never had White Castle.

    lol.. You even eat rice with breakfast?

  6. Nerd Girl says:

    Night Court – you brought back memories with that one.

    I wanted a curl so bad . . . in hindsight, I’m glad my Mom said no!

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