Another Conversation…/Pencils and Paper

My Brain: “Yea. We’re gonna get this money over Spring Break. 5 Days off of school means 5 extra days at work. Cha-Ching!”

My Body: “Motherf****r, somebody done told you wrong! You plan on working me for 10 days straight? Yeah, ok. We’ll see about that.”

A lot has been happening over the past few days, and with Spring Break (I use that term loosely as I intend on working the entire time) right around the corner, it’s safe to assume that I’ll be on go 100% of that time.

Last Wednesday, my 3 math professors decided to spring exams on us. That wouldn’t really be such a big deal if all three exams weren’t on the same day!

I didn’t really have much time over the weekend while I was at work to get any studying in, so I had a huge gap in between my studying time. 

On Tuesday, I decided to stay on campus after my 12 o’clock class and just go hard with studying. After almost 9 hours of fading concentration, I decided to give up on cramming studying at the Engineering Library, and decided to head home.

As I walked onto my porch, I noticed that the front door was sitting slightly ajar with the lock still engaged. As I opened the screen door, I noticed that  the door frame was bent out of shape and that the wood was stripped all the way up to the ceiling. My front door had been busted open.

After making calls to my mother and the police, studying was the farthest thing from my mind. After sitting down at about 11:30, I noticed that my nose was running and that I had a headache. 

So in the span of 24 hours, I’ve had to deal with getting sick, 3 exams and a break in at Casa de brran.

I think I did well on those three exams though. Granted, I didn’t have much time to study, but hey. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I think I may have gotten sick due to the fact that I haven’t had a day off from work/school since I can remember. Oh well, I’ll go to bed an hour or so earlier tonight and  see how I feel tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Another Conversation…/Pencils and Paper

  1. Linsay says:

    Damn, your body sounds a lot like mine: I envision my body sounding like a 60-year old version of myself.

    I know: it’s hard to switch off the student/robot mode, but dude, you gotta take at least 2 days off to let your brain breathe! Trust me, your body can only benefit from that.

  2. Jansen says:

    What did they take?

  3. zdubb says:

    Geez… it’s looking like a rough academic life for you. Hope you didn’t lose much with the break in! …And give your body a break!

  4. sounds like you got your focus to me folk

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