Fire Marshal brran…


‘Let Me Tell Ya Something!!!!’

I think I may have to give up cooking for awhile. I’m pretty sure that God may have been trying to send me a sign with the not one, but TWO incidents that occured over Spring Break which resulted in me having to air out my house with one of those huge box fans.

Incident 1: Early last week, I decided that I wanted to have Toast for breakfast. I popped the Toast into the toaster and let it do it’s thing while I was reading my G-Reader. Not paying attention to anything, I started to wonder why the Smoke Detector was going off. Well, as it turned out, due to the fact that I wasn’t paying attention, I ended up burning the toast!!!

Since I figured out that the Toaster had been turned up to the highest setting, I turned the dial all the way down to the lowest setting. Needless to say, it happened again! Smoke was billowing out of the toaster as if Snoop Dogg had spent the night in that jawn.  I gave up on toast and had a bowl of Grape Nuts for breakfast.

Incident 2: This past Wednesday or Thursday, I decided that I wanted breakfast for lunch. I cooked Cheese Eggs, Grits, Sausage and Biscuits without incident and ended up having alot of buscuits left over. After work on Saturday night, I decided to go home and have a couple of buscuits since there were about 6 or 7 left. I put the plastic container in the microwave to heat the buscuits, and I got ready to take the dog outside so he could handle his business. As I was looking for the leash, I noticed smoke coming out of the kitchen. I looked in the microwave, and I saw that the biscuits ended up melting through the plastic container!

Either I live in a house with super powered appliances, or maybe I should pay more attention to what I cook from now on.

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6 Responses to Fire Marshal brran…

  1. lol… yeah I’ma need you to stay in the kitchen when your cooking. You can’t multi-task.

  2. 1/3 says:

    lol the microwave and toaster gave u problems??? smh. maybe you need to turn down the power. how did biscuits melt through the plastic tho?? lmao

  3. desy says:

    do u need a tutorial on household appliances? cause i gotchu…lol

  4. Taiwan Brown says:

    hahahaha @ biscuits!

    I once did something like that

    after i took the ziploc out the microwave they fell through the other side!

    but for your toast to burn on the lowest setting is nuts… thats a super toaster!

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