Heavy Rotation XVII: The ‘Master Blaster’ Edition

Is it just me or has the mood around here gotten all gloomy and introspective and crap? Since I haven’t done one of these since March, why not try to lighten things up by doing one now?

Most people that know me know that I’m an R&B dude. I rarely listen to rap but I’ve found myself bumping some great music as of late. Check it out after the break…Shut It Down by Black Milk

Speed by Little Brother

Lovin It (Live) by Little Brother

So Fabulous by Little Brother

I can definitely thank L-Boogie for turning me on to Little Brother. I’ve been sleeping on them for awhile.

What are you listening to right now?

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2 Responses to Heavy Rotation XVII: The ‘Master Blaster’ Edition

  1. Bryan says:

    HMM Since I usually read your blog through my feed didn’t see you had changed it around. I’m really feeling Drake, just a couple of his joints, and …ahem Keri Hilson…Don’t judge me!

  2. *Coop* says:

    Love LB. Minstrel Show is one of my favorite albums ever. Even though I say stuff is my favorite a lot, I really mean it. lol Phonte is hilarious!
    Check out that new Big Pooh too.

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