Maybe Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead After All…

Anyone that knows me (or checks out my page) knows that I really don’t listen to rap music that often. However, after checking out Black Milk, Little Brother and tracks by various other Hip-Hop artists, I’ve realized that I can no longer rely on the radio to play music that I’d want to listen to.

On Twitter, Eb the Celeb made a valid point when she was talking about Soulja Boy that I feel applies to many people when they reference the state of today’s hip-hop. I think the reason why people hate on Soulja Boy or dislike his music is because it isn’t for them to like. If you think about it, his key demographic is people in his age range (the 18 and younger crowd). Unless they grew up in a place where they listen to nothing but old school hip-hop, then this is what they’ll like. I guess I understand how my mother felt when I used to listen to this and this.

It’s all a side effect of getting older I guess…

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6 Responses to Maybe Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead After All…

  1. I was just having this same conversation with a homegirl the other day. We were talking about hip hop that came out when we were little. To Soulja Boy, “old school” is the first 50 Cent album. That’s just crazy to me, but it shows how young he is.

    I still have to check out Black Milk, I keep forgetting when I’m home…

  2. Sincere says:

    Yo that Camp Lo was my Jawn!! I still listen to it to this day!! I think hip hop has changed so much that it’s kinda unrecognizable. everybody’s doing the same thing there’s no more originality or creativity in it anymore. I’ve been on my Rock, pop, r &b and other ish for a while, but I can’t leave hip hop alone. The game needs me!! lol

  3. *Coop* says:

    Music is just different. Folks can get “famous” so quickly because of the ‘net. I admire Soulja’s work, though I’m not a fan. Half the folks who are hating wish they had Soulja’s buzz.

    Anyway, Blak Milk is that sh!t.

  4. bobsgotablog says:

    Yo, this is the first time i’ve visited your blog, and the fact that you know who black milk is got me. I am a reader forever now. lol


  5. Jansen says:

    But wait, it doesn’t incorporate house music!! THATS BREAKING THE RULES!

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