Operation Shrink A Gut 2.0

Remember this series of posts from earlier this year and last year? Remember how they fell off?

Well, they’re back kinda sorta. I talked to my buddy Kriss from one of my favorite sites The Insanity Report via Twitter, and he recommended Krav Maga since I mentioned that I wanted to get into the gym and work on getting healthier and in shape. After all that was said and done, I still hadn’t lifted a finger or done anything towards making the step of actually getting myself to a gym.

Then, about 3 weeks ago, It dawned on me. On my way to and from work, I drive past a branch of the YMCA. I had a membership in the past, but it never lasted outside of the one month because I never recieved a call for my Initial Fitness Assessment. This time, I was shown the entire facility and set up a Fitness Assessment right then and there on the spot. When I showed up for my appointment, I went straight in and was had the equipment and the system set up for me.

I’ve made it a point to go to the gym at least three times a week since July 31st and since then, I’ve kept to that goal.

I’ve made it a point to do one set of reps for each exercise in my circuit, and since then, I’ve kept to that goal. In fact, I did a total of three sets of reps on each machine and I’ve been able to keep with that goal.

In addition to just doing the circuit that the trainer gave me, I incorporated cardio into my workout. I walk a minimum of 1.5 miles in 25 minutes on the treadmill before doing my training circuit and then after that I work on the cross trainer for 15 minutes (and curse excessively while on it) and then walk a minimum of 1.5 miles on the treadmill in 30 minutes.

All of the weight traning and cardio machines are hooked up to a computer in the gym called Fitlinxx. It monitors your form and range of motion while lifting, the amount of weight you lift, and keeps track of all of your targets while there. As I checked the website today, I noticed that the amount of cardio I do at the gym is actually close to 4 miles a day instead of the 3 I thought I was doing.

Now all I have to do is to get ahold of this eating even healthier thing, and I’ll get down to my ideal weight in no time!

Random Thought of the Moment: “I’m gonna be healthy even if it kills me! Wait, that didn’t come out right…”

The Song of the Moment: “The Point of it All” by Anthony Hamilton

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3 Responses to Operation Shrink A Gut 2.0

  1. congrats on getting in the gym and sticking too it. I found that cutting 1 thing out of your diet at a time helps with the eating problems. I recently cut candy out and dropped a couple of pounds.

  2. @ Brran1: Congrats on hitting the gym. With your focus and dedication, you’ll reach your goal (and it WON’T kill you). I’ve been trying to drop some weight as well. I recently started walking at the track by my house. I started with 2 miles and moved it up to 3 once I started going with a friend of mine who is also trying to get in shape. This week, I was able to get the 3 miles done in under 50 minutes which is already 10 miles less than what I did the first time I did 3 miles. Before the summer is out I want to start getting some jogging in as well.

    @ Super Dave: Cutting out one thing at a time just might work. I’ve been cutting down on soda, but haven’t been able to go cold turkey just yet. This might be the perfect time to start.

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