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Various Random Musings.

Everyday, before going to the gym, I try to talk myself out of it. Outside of once, it hasn’t worked. lol I feel tired as hell accomplished after leaving the gym. I hope I’ll be able to stick with this … Continue reading

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Heavy Rotation XVIII: The ‘Broken Mac’ Edition

For those of you that are unaware, my iBook G4 bit the dust back in May. Since, that’s the only place I stored my music (read: No backups), I haven’t updated my iPod since then. I’ll hopefully have a new Macbook in … Continue reading

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Keep It In Order.

Go to class. Study. Go to work. Go to the Yearbook Office and pick up your assignments. Go to the E-Board Meeting. Go to that forum. Go to that General Body Meeting. Take notes. Finish this project. Go to that … Continue reading

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Tell’em How You Feel Thursday: September 24, 2009

1.) Humor may be relative, but you sir ARE NOT funny. Why can’t you hear the Crickets? 2.) I’m neutral in this situation. 3.)If you choose to spend your entire paycheck everytime you get it, don’t be surprised when you’re struggling because … Continue reading

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What are Eric Roberson’s Top 15 Tracks?

 I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if many people didn’t know about Eric Roberson. I found out about him last summer while on my internship down in Atlanta. While out and about, I heard may people talk about him and his … Continue reading

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Am I Dreaming?

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was posted up at home watching some random DVD. I dosed off and had a really vivid dream. I found it to be a little odd because I was only asleep for maybe 10 … Continue reading

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Health, Pt. 2.

Remember this post? Sorry for the delay in posting an update to that. Brothaman has been kinda busy lately. Anyways, here’s the update. I went in for the extra bloodwork and was ready for whatever was thrown my way. About a … Continue reading

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