What Are Erykah Badu’s Top 15 Tracks?


Some people know her as Erykah. Some people know her as FatBellyBella. Either way, this woman and her music have been a driving force in Black music for well over a decade now. Her ability to mix different genres of music while still keeping her own sound has attracted new fans and kept long time fans enthralled.

Here are (in my opinion, of course) Erykah Badu’s Top 15 Tracks:

15. Afro (Freestyle Skit)

14. Soldier

13. Back in the Day

12. Honey

11. Tyrone

10. Bag Lady (CD Version)

9. Danger

8. Next Lifetime

7. Love of My Life

6. Telephone

5. Other Side of the Game

4. Didn’t Cha Know

3. Certainly

2. Annie

1. On and On

Honorable Mentions: ‘Bandy Bandy’ by Zap Mama featuring Erykah Badu and ‘You Got Me’ by The Roots featuring Erykah Badu

What are your favorite Erykah Badu tracks?

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4 Responses to What Are Erykah Badu’s Top 15 Tracks?

  1. pserendipity says:

    Yeah, I love Danger, too. That would probably be my favorite one because the beat is just off the chain. My next favorite might be little known, but it’s a track called “Woo”. That’s how I always end my workout.

  2. zoso says:

    Nice choices/rankings.

  3. Lisa says:

    No “Green Eyes??” Or “Telephone??” Or “I Want You??”

  4. “Love of My Life” and “On and On” are my favorites.. I love listening to all her songs…

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