Tell’em How You Feel Thursday: September 17, 2009

I got this topic from my buddy and fellow Morganite Organized Noise. He’s been doing this over at his blog for a while now, and since I like the premise, I’ve decided to adopt the series over here at my spot.

1. You complain every time you hit a bump in the road, yet you’re not willing to make the change to get out of the situation you’re in. Shut up already!

2. I truly admire you and everything that you’ve accomplished. You’re younger than I am, yet you’ve done way more than I have during my tenure at Morgan.

3. You read that text message correctly. I was flirting with you.

4. Why are you so impulsive? If you would take the time to work things out slowly, you’d avoid 95% of the stress you’re dealing with right now.

5. Don’t come to me to complain about it. I warned you about it from the very beginning, and since you chose not to heed my warning, what do you want from me now?

6. I partially blame myself for how you ended up.

7. Until our first conversation, I used to think that you were attractive. I’m grouping you with the lepers now. Sorry.

8. You’re usually spot on with your guesses, but you threw me and everyone else for a loop with that last one. Were you high?

9. You use ‘Speaking Your Mind’ as a guise to say hurtful shit to people. Have you ever heard of tact?

10. Why be such a hypocrite? Don’t set guidelines for others that you have no intention on following your damn self.

11. Reading is fundamental.

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3 Responses to Tell’em How You Feel Thursday: September 17, 2009

  1. Shauna says:

    i know who you talking about in maybe four of these

  2. Bryan says:

    When I say hurtful things it’s on purpose I’m only speaking my mind when I call them D*ck Riders….yup

  3. Mel says:

    Hmmm I might have to do this.

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