What are Eric Roberson’s Top 15 Tracks?


 I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if many people didn’t know about Eric Roberson. I found out about him last summer while on my internship down in Atlanta. While out and about, I heard may people talk about him and his live shows and I heard nothing less than positive reviews of his work. While chilling at Georgia Tech one day, I was listening to my Dwele station on Last.fm and the track playing made me stop what I was doing and pay attention. It was Erro’s track “We Can’t Pretend”. At the time, I was going through a situation that paralleled Erro’s lyrics. After listening to a few more tracks, I ended up purchasing his entire iTunes catalog a few days later.

Unfortunately, I have yet to hear Erro’s latest release ‘Music Fan First’ so I will not be including any tracks from that album.

Without further ado, here are (in my opinion, of course) Eric Roberson’s Top 15 Tracks:

15. I Have a Song

14. Please Don’t Leave Me

13. Right or Wrong

12. Man Who Had It All

11. Only For You

10. The Moon

9. Right Back to You

8. Softest Lips

7. 4u

6. What I Gotta Do?

5. Been in Love

4. N2U

3. Miles Away

2. We Can’t Pretend

1. Couldn’t Hear Me

What are your top 15 tracks by Erro?

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