Heavy Rotation XVIII: The ‘Broken Mac’ Edition


For those of you that are unaware, my iBook G4 bit the dust back in May. Since, that’s the only place I stored my music (read: No backups), I haven’t updated my iPod since then. I’ll hopefully have a new Macbook in January, but until then, I’ll have to rely on the  4,000+ tracks I currently in my possession. Here’s what I’ve been listening to as of late:

“Glass of Water” by Coldplay

“Heaven at Nite” by Kid Cudi

“I’ll Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” by Donny Hathaway

“Shut it Down” by Black Milk

“House of Cards” by The Foreign Exchange

“I Wanna Know” by The Foreign Exchange

“Rimshot (Apple Tree)” by Erykah Badu

“Open Your Eyes” by Dwele

“Gettin’ Up” by Q-Tip

“Clock With No Hands” by The Roots

“Golden Boys” by Res

“Tsunami” by Res

“Dust” by Van Hunt

“Down Here in Hell (With You)” by Van Hunt

“Chercez LaGhost” by Ghostface Killah

“Theme Music to A Drive-By” by Lupe Fiasco

What are you listening to right now?

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2 Responses to Heavy Rotation XVIII: The ‘Broken Mac’ Edition

  1. Eb says:

    Dope playlist… loooves it!

  2. *Coop* says:

    That Nicolay “City lights vol. 2” has been in constant rotation for weeks now. Add a little Bob Marley, a dash of Jigga, a pinch of Mr. Hathaway (happy birthday, Donny) and a heaping helping of Kast and that’s my soundtrack.

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