Maxwell Concert Review


(Maxwell on the stage, Verizon Center, Washington, D.C. 10/2/2009)

I’m gonna try to keep all of my thoughts together for this Concert Review, but just let me tell y’all up front that this concert was GOOD!

After refusing to pay an astronomical amount for parking, Best Friend N and I decided to park and ride the Metro, since the Gallery Place/Chinatown Station stops directly underneath the Verizon Center. We arrived at the Verizon Center at about 7 pm (which was a shock to me b/c I’m usually running on CP Time), and after waiting for Best Friend N to try to keep up with me in her heels, we made it to our seats shortly afterwards.

Immediately at 7:30pm (although the Arena was still mostly empty), the lights went down and Chrisette Michele made her way to the stage. Granted, we were sitting way in the back, so I couldn’t make out her face, but at least I got to see her move across the stage. She started out with ‘Epiphany’ and ‘Blame it On Me’ and finished up with a couple of other songs off of her album. About midway through her performance, the screens to the left and the right of the stage (refer to the picture above) came on, and we were finally able to see Chrisette up and personal. All I could say was… Good Lawd.. smh. I guess I can relate to how all of the women felt about Maxwell. Chrisette is definitely a beautiful woman, and the fact that she can sing only adds to it. 

After a 30 minute set, Chrisette left the stage and the crew started to set up for Common. I expected another short set, but in this case I was mistaken. Common came out with an unidentified hypeman, and they immediately went into some of Common’s bangers such as ‘Go’, ‘Testify’ and etc. During a quick pan to the hypeman, it became clear that it was none other than Bilal. After a couple of minutes, Common and Bilal launched into this Come Close/Soul Sista Remix that was on point. Following this, Common launched into this old school Hip-Hop Medley and covered old school songs ranging from Q-Tip’s ‘Breathe and Stop’ to LL Cool J’s ‘I Need Love’. Common even hit a quick B-boy move up on stage. Lol.

After Common left the stage, and the house settled in, the main event started. Maxwell’s performance started off with visuals on stage. As the Suite Jam started Maxwell came out to a roar of applause. After that he went into ‘Bad Habits’ and other songs off of his now 4 albums including one of my favorites, ‘No One’. It seemed like everyone in the crowd was enjoying themselves as the concert went on. The only issue I had was with Best Friend N falling out as if she was having a seizure when ‘This Woman’s Work’ started up. I had to let her know quick that if she fainted, I wasn’t gonna pick her up. Maxwell appropriately wrapped the concert with ‘Pretty Wings’ (complete with wings falling from the roof of the arena) and then came back and did an encore of ‘Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)’.

If you’re a Maxwell fan, you’ll definitely enjoy his live performance. His energy, stage presence and vocal talent is definitely enough to keep you entertained for the length of his set. Check him out if he comes to a city near you! I already know that I’ll be checking him out the next time he comes to D.C. on tour.

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6 Responses to Maxwell Concert Review

  1. 1969 says:

    You know I know. LOL

  2. Tiffany In Houston says:

    I am going on 10/13! Cannot. wait. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen him live.

  3. sunnydelyte21 says: can you go wrong..and I love Common…

  4. Mel says:

    Glad you enjoyed. I haven’t been to a concert in forevers.

  5. pam jones says:

    I can not wait until 10/16 in LA…….. I know it will be the bomb….:)

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