Tell’em How You Feel Thursday: October 15, 2009

1.) Don’t give up yet. You’re at the halfway point. Finish just as strongly as you started.

2.) Yeah, I know it’s hard. And I know that you’re lazy. FINISH. JUST.AS.STRONGLY.AS.YOU.STARTED.

2.) I’m nervous about applying for this next internship. It’s not the fact that it’s more Engineering work, it’s the fact that it’s in… Germany.

3.) You were smiling like a Two Dollar Whore at a Billionaire’s Convention the other day…And you still are.

4.) Don’t revert to your old ways.

5.) I can tell that you’re nervous. It’s written all over your face.

6.) I don’t get it. I gave up on trying to awhile ago. Why are you still trying to make your point?

7.) Get it? Got it? Good. Now stop asking about dumb shit.

8.) I need a another Mental Health Weekend.

9.) Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down. It is NOT that serious.

10.) Sometimes you have to put what you love on the back burner in order to do what you have to do in order to survive.

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6 Responses to Tell’em How You Feel Thursday: October 15, 2009

  1. pserendipity says:

    Germany? GO.FOR.IT!! Open up as many doors as you can. Do it big!!

  2. *Coop* says:

    Ooh, what part of Germany! I had tons of fun there. LOVE Berlin. Man, I’m so hyped for you and you haven’t even applied yet! Hurry that application up!!

  3. Jansen says:

    Uh…Germany is why you SHOULD APPLY IMMEDIATELY! JA WOHL!

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