O.S.A.G.: The Numbers Game.

After reading Sixty’s blog post about Sparkpeople.com, I decided to give the website a try. I signed up, input my fitness goals and my nutritional goals and started on my feeble attempt to remember everything I consumed over the past two days. Although I hadn’t eaten anything too extreme (outside of that cheesesteak last Wednesday from Al Pacino’s Pizza), the website put things into perspective for me and opened my eyes to some things.

Although I may be meeting my daily caloric, fat intake, protein and carb needs, everything else is all over the place! Most of the intake amounts for the vitamin and minerals I need were anywhere from 50-200 grams under/over what I should have. One thing I can recall about the chart was that I’m supposed to consume between 2,000-3,500 grams of Potassium a day. For 10/31, I consumed 4,599 grams worth. o_O. Granted, I know it was only two days worth of information, but I’m thinking about checking out multivitamins.

I’m starting to learn that controlling your weight is alot more than just watching your calories. It’s also about controlling your intake of vitamins and minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, Vitamin A, etc. They play almost as big a role as the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis in controlling your weight.

I tend to eat the same things throughout the course of the day, everyday: Boneless skinless chicken, some type of fish (Salmon, Tilapia, etc), Steamed vegetables AND salad on top of countless bottles of water. Seeing as how I just signed up for Sparkpeople on Saturday, I think it’ll be interesting to figure out how the food I eat affects the charts. 

Also, due to being sick three weeks ago, having midterms two weeks ago AND being at work for the past ten days straight (covering for a coworker who went out on vacation), I haven’t been to the gym since October 12th. Since the Y of Central Maryland is taking my money anyway, why not go? I’ll be in the gym later on this evening after I get my hair cut AND i’ll be at the gym tomorrow to lift weights (which I haven’t done since early October).

My gym schedule consists of Cardio (running 2+ miles and 1 mile on the elliptical machine) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Cardio and Weight Lifting on Tuesday and Thursday. It shouldn’t be too hard to stick to going to the gym Monday through Thursday, but Friday may be up in the air depend on whether or not I chose to go out (which 60% of the time isn’t an issue).

Finally, I called the doctor about the results from the Sleep Study I did back in late September. I am relieved to say that I do NOT have Sleep Apnea.

Random Thought of the Moment: “I need a notebook to write everything down in. Sheesh…”

The Song of the Moment: “Get Out of My Hair” by Bilal

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3 Responses to O.S.A.G.: The Numbers Game.

  1. i might check that sight out… get a smart phone, I use mine to keep all kinds of notes. then transfer it to something else when I get home.

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