Confessions of a Traveling Intern.

I’ve been in Germany for 7 days now. When I landed at Frankfurt Am Main International, I was relieved yet anxious as I walked through the terminal. Relieved that I was finally out of that small seat and could stretch my legs, but anxious because I didn’t know what waited for me outside of the airport.

As we left Frankfurt, I began to take in my surroundings. From what I saw, Germany was beautiful. Alot of greenery, a nice mountainscape with a high speed train moving in the distance.. It was a bit shocking.

As I paid closer attention, I noticed that there wasn’t any trash. Anywhere. Driving through a medium-sized city, I didn’t see any trash in the gutters, on the sidewalks or anywhere else. When we arrived at our apartment complex, I saw the reason. There are trash receptacles for each apartment and each group of apartments has access to 3 glass receptacle (separated by color) and 6 paper/plastic receptacles.

I settled in, the other interns arrived and we all started mingling and nary a feeling of missing home set  in. I remember feeling this way, and the last time that happened, I was down in Atlanta. I guess being at peace isn’t all that hard to attain.

As far as work is concerned, I work for the same company that I’ve been working for since last summer, just in a different office (and location of course). It’s interesting to see a different side of the same process. This office is more fast paced than the one i’ve been working in, and the work in my opinion is more involved in the overall process versus just one portion of said process.

There’s alot more to blog about, but I’ll leave that for subsequent posts. lol

Random Thought of the Moment: “Jet Lag sucks.”

The Song of the Moment: ‘All Dried Up’ by Phantogram

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1 Response to Confessions of a Traveling Intern.

  1. Linsay says:

    I’m glad you made it safely to Germany, congrats again on the internship, this is your time to shine!!! And yes: jet lag DOES suck. God bless and keep us posted 😀

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