The Return of O.S.A.G.: New Year, New Goals.

So.. since it’s a new year.. I figured I’d try to get back on the bandwagon as far as being healthy goes. I went to see the doctor the week of Christmas and everything checked out extremely well (as it always does), and since I am getting older I figured I need to work on maintaining that. On January 3rd, I started back at the gym and found that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I have a cardio plan figured out as well as a real workout, but my biggest issue is just consistency. Since late September, I would go to the gym once and then stop for 2-3 weeks. This past week? I’ve gone 3 times!

In addition to the gym, I also started the 100 Pushups plan with interesting results. Usually in the gym, my workouts focus on lower and mid body because I already know that my upper body strength is wonky (read: damn near non-existent).

The way the plan works is, you take an initial test to measure how many push ups you can do at once. Depending on this number, you’re placed into a certain level and you’d start there with the program. The overall goal of the program is to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups at the end of six weeks in addition to building upper body strength.

In the initial test, I was able to complete five modified push ups. I tried standard pushups, and was able to complete the downward motion but couldn’t raise back up after that. lol (Told y’all I need to work on my upper body strength). In addition to that, with my arms being somewhere around 2 feet long from wrist to shoulder, it’s kind of daunting to do these.

I completed the Initial Test on Sunday and started the plan on Monday. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick with this as time goes on. It only takes about 15 minutes (M, W, F), so it shouldn’t be too bad.

My biggest goal for this among other things is consistency. Let’s see how this plays out.

Speaking of O.S.A.G., Where’s Dennis?

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5 Responses to The Return of O.S.A.G.: New Year, New Goals.

  1. sunnydelyte21 says:

    Good Luck on that buddy….

  2. turquoisesha says:

    I’m here & I’m commenting.

    And what’s the verified link for the 100 push ups thing? That link in your post is dead.

    That is all.

    PS: Let’s keep this posting thing regular, mkay? Great.

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