Employment Ads.

5 months until Graduation.

Finding full-time employment is the next logical step, right?

Outside of browsing a few newspaper articles and networking with some contacts I’ve come across this past year in reference to employment, I have yet to start looking. I know I definitely need to though.

At my internship, I spoke with the Area Engineer (the boss that oversees all Engineering projects for this region of our company) a few months ago and he said that the company was on a hiring freeze due to the economy. That’s to be expected as I’ve already been laid off from one job this past year.

I’ve been an intern with this company since Summer 2009, and although I’d love to stay where I am, I know that that may not be an option. Luckily for me, since this is an international company and I worked for them overseas this past summer, I may have a leg up when it comes time to apply for entry-level positions. One of the contacts I made in Germany ended up accepting a position within the company at division headquarters, so I’ll be following up with that as well.

My coworkers seem to think that I’ll be kept on and just transferred over to a full-time position since I’ve been with the company for so long (it is only a lateral move), but I’m keeping all of my options open and looking for work anyways.

I have faith in myself that all will workout for the best, I just want to cover all of my bases.

Wish me luck!

You never know what will happen.

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4 Responses to Employment Ads.

  1. good luck man… its hard out here but you seem to be in good shape.

    • brran1 says:

      Thanks Dave,

      I’m sure I’ll be able to find a gig somewhere. Just have to accept the fact that it may not be locally.

  2. J. Dakar says:

    I’m in a somewhat similar situation, so I empathize. But like Dave said, you seem to be in good shape; you’ll be fine.

    If you can’t stay nearby, can you at least have a say-so about where you’ll be transferred or is that completely up to them?

    Either way, keep the faith.

    • brran1 says:

      What up J!

      Well, I’ve reached out to some of the other contacts I have within the company (nationally) and they’re all echoing the same thing —> “If I see anything, I’ll let you know.”

      I’ll always have the option of where I want to go. I think it’s more of an issue of whether or not there’s a position available.

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