Various Random and Not So Random Musings.

So. I’m back (at least for now). Here’s what’s been going on since my last blog post in January. Hopefully this’ll kick-start my desire to write full posts again. We’ll see.

1. I’ve wanted to return to blogging for months but every time I open up, I lose the spark (or get distracted).

2. I graduated from Undergrad on May 21st. Was blessed enough to land a Full-time (albeit contracted) position a week after graduation and I started on June 6th. However, I am in DIRE need of a vacation. A week or two off on a beach (preferably in Puerto Rico) with my iPod and a lot of Puerto Rican food is what I need. I’ll have to save for it though. I’m just glad that the hustle, bustle and stress of the Engineering program is OVER.

2a. Since my position is a 13 month contract, I’ve applied for other jobs and have passed them to friends who’ve graduated and haven’t found anything yet. I love the position I have so far and there’s a strong chance for the contract to be renewed (as they have someone there who’s been on contract FOR YEARS), but I’m still keeping my eyes open for a permanent position.

3. The apartment search is underway. Since I’ve applied to positions as far away as Arlington, VA and have looked at jobs as far away as Frederick, MD, I’ve opened up my apartment search to the entire DC-Baltimore Metro Area. I have 4 complexes here in the Baltimore area and about 4 in the DC area that are on my list to tour. Haven’t made any moves yet as I’m still waiting on word from the jobs I’ve applied for, but I’ll call to check for vacancies before the end of the month. I anticipate leaving home sometime this fall.

4. I took the month of April off from the Gym to focus on school and to finish up all of the projects I had to do. That one month hiatus turned into an almost three-month hiatus. I signed up for 3 summer classes at the gym which started last week. In addition, I signed up for Kickboxing via a Groupon and liked it, so I’m sticking with it. Hopefully I’ll keep it up this time.

5.I have my paperwork for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in October. I need to fill it out and send it in (along with the astronomical fee) for processing. The deadline is August 30th. I considered signing up for a prep course one of my former professors offer but I definitely don’t have $600 lying around to pay for it. I have to order prep books from Amazon, but come hell or high water I’ll be in there for that 8-hour exam in October!

6. Graduate School is still in the cards. I still want to pursue a degree in City and Regional Planning. I want to concentrate on more of the design side and less of the policy side, but I know having a background in Policy would only open more doors professionally. I’m all for diversifying myself professionally. I’m anticipating going to graduate school in the next 3-4 years after I’m out on my own and am stable enough to do so.

7. I’m still at the weekend job. Don’t really know why, except I guess it’s part of a way for me to hold on to undergrad since I left school and my internship. I’ve been seriously contemplating the necessity of a second job, though. My plan to work and accelerate the payment of my student loans sounds nice in theory, but I DO want to have a life now that I’m done with undergrad. Plus.. getting off work at midnight on Monday and having to be at work at 8am is a bit of a task. I’m barely managing.

8. My Photography has come along rather well. I have 4 photo shoots scheduled for the month of July. My being nervous is a bit of an understatement, but I have a few great photographers that I look up to and plenty of books to get my technique right. My plan is to have a serious Portfolio done by New Years.

9. There’s been an unexpected yet interesting change in my social life. Started back in February, and well..  I won’t go into details about it, but I’m in a good place. A really good place. Finally getting the chance to go out more and experience new things and places is great. I never knew how much I was missing locked up in the Engineering building. The friends and their kids are all doing well. One of my friends is even getting married next year and I was told that I was (not asked to be) in the wedding party. Lol. I’m proud of all of them.

10. The fam’s good. Ma Dukes is out on disability until she retires (next year I think). She’s home most of the time going back and forth to doctor’s visits. She still knits and watches Court TV or Discovery Investigation. And she’s even starting to travel more. She deserves it.

11. All in all, life’s changed a lot since January. I’m nervous as all hell but excited for what’s to come. The Black Lounge has been around chronicling my journey since December, 2007. Hopefully I’ll stick with this because I have a feeling that 2011 will be a year to remember.

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6 Responses to Various Random and Not So Random Musings.

  1. Vivrant Thang says:

    I really want to kick myself for missing that you graduated. I caught that you were working but thought it was a summer position. Major congrats! So proud of you. The best thing I did was go on to grad school after working for a year. So make that move as soon as you can if that’s what you want to do. Cause once you start that working life….

    I’ve seen your check-ins, kind of put two and two together (although I could have come up with 5!) and have been smiling. I hope you stay smiling too 🙂

  2. Glad to see you back blogging, although I can still keep up with you via the Twitters! Again, so VERY proud of you for getting that degree..I know it was a struggle at times but it is SO worth it!

  3. Mel says:

    Yeah, dang it, you betta keep blogging. I don’t wanna have to drive to Bmore & drag you to a computer, ya hear?!

    *ahem* Now…

    Yay on graduating & apartment hunting & the job & the return of the social life & the gym!

    Good luck on the exam in October. I know you’ll knock the top off it (or at least set it askew).

  4. *Yoles* says:

    ❧❦CONGRATULATIONS❦❧ on your graduation!!!!!
    best wishes in all your endeavors onwards ➫ and upwards ➬ ☝

  5. 1/3 says:

    yay!! I’m so glad things are goin well for u B. You more then deserve it. I know how yall engineer students were at morgan smh. I know this year will be more then great for u and i cant wait to hear all about it 🙂

  6. sunnydelyte21 says:

    Its been a while! Congrats on the graduation!

    Yes, try & get them student loans paid asap…they ain’t no joke…my sister told me. But don’t work urself to the bone…still make time to sleep & relax!

    Glad ur mom is doing her thang! Miss u in this blog world!

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