More Musings. Still Varied and Still Random.

*EDIT: I’ve been working on the formatting for this, but it always reverts back to having everything  jumbled together. Sorry about that*

The few weeks since my last blog post have been nothing short of a whirlwind for me. Here’s what’s been going on since July 5th.

1. I signed the lease on my first apartment!! Move in day was August 2nd and since the only thing I have is a bedroom set, the entire moving process took no more than a couple of hours. I’m excited to move towards the next chapter of my life and more importantly? I’m happy to be in a place with air conditioning!

2. My car (which I recently nicknamed Old Faithful) started going haywire about 3 weeks ago. First there were acceleration problems, followed by my car’s desire to shake and vibrate like a backup dancer in an Uncle Luke video caused me to put it in the shop. They came back and said that outside of needing some EXPENSIVE (to the tune of several thousand dollars worth) suspension work, I needed to get my transmission looked at by ANOTHER place. I took a half day off work and went to get everything checked out and heard some not so great news. At the end of the day, I was confronted with two options. Put several thousand dollars worth of work into my car (which may or may not extend it’s life AND cost more than the car is worth) or.. get another one.

I got another one. smh. Not looking forward to having car payments again, but like Monnie said a few weeks back. Shit happens and you have to deal with it.

3. So… remember that “unexpected yet interesting change in my social life” that I talked about last time? That’s over. Still won’t go into particulars, but I can say that I was caught off guard by it. Immediately afterwards (for the first week), I was a wreck. But since then I’ve learned that despite my best efforts, things won’t always work out as I want them to. It’s been about three weeks and I can say that (outside of a random moment here or there), I feel better each day and have come to terms with everything. We said that we would remain friends and at the end of the day, I’m fine with that.

3a. Being the type of person that puts my all into relationships, I tend to take it hard when they don’t work out. I can say that the aforementioned situation has turned me off to getting to know people/dating/relationships for a while.

4. The above things all occurred within days of each other. As I was sitting in the car rental spot waiting for my rental car, I noticed that I was having trouble breathing and that my hands were seriously shaking. I had to sit down for a few minutes to gather myself before moving forward and I’ve even noticed that I’ve lost about ten pounds. Saying that I’ve been stressed over the past 3 weeks is nothing but true. I still have kickboxing as an outlet, but I’m starting to wonder if I need another one.

I have plenty of great things to look forward to and in the near future so as long as I focus on these things and not the negative, I’ll be fine.

5. I’m still on track to finish the application for the E.I.T. exam, however I misplaced the papers. lol. I’ll have to re-download them and mail them out when I’m done. The application’s due before September 1st, and the exam itself is on a Saturday in mid-October. Did I also mention that it was 8 hours long?

5a. I conferred with a few of my classmates, and have looked at some study guides (900+ pages for each), and most sources recommend studying for at least 3 months prior to the exam. Also, being that the exam/registration fee costs about $225, this is definitely something I don’t want to go into half-assedly (Yeah I made that word up) and fail. I might just bite the bullet on this one and wait until April to take the exam. With everything that’s been going on recently (working, moving into a new place, etc.) I definitely havent been studying. We’ll see how I feel closer to the date.

6. The photo shoots I had scheduled in July all got shuffled around. I’m in the process of rescheduling 3 of them, and the 4th (impromptu session with my godson) can be shot whenever. I also have one scheduled for next weekend!!

Despite everything, as of now, I’m in a good place. Been in a great mood all day and am looking forward to tackling what needs to be tackled.

I’ve learned that learning to deal with and handle stress and stressful situations is all apart of growing up. Being that I’m a little more than four months away from turning 25, I can’t shut down every time life throws a curve ball my way. I’ll simply have to accept. analyze, adapt, and overcome.

Seems like this whole ‘being an adult’ thing is full of surprises.

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