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Another Conversation…/Pencils and Paper

My Brain: “Yea. We’re gonna get this money over Spring Break. 5 Days off of school means 5 extra days at work. Cha-Ching!” My Body: “Motherf****r, somebody done told you wrong! You plan on working me for 10 days straight? … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

I got home from chillin with my little brother (he’s 18 and my size, not so little anymore…) down near Richmond, Va. about an hour or two ago. I’m just stopping in to wish everyone a Happy New Year. See … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

The other day, Designer Qui, her son, and ┬áBest Friend A went out and I snapped 300+ shots! It was mainly shots of them and us just messing around while we were out and about. If you wanna peep the … Continue reading

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Doing Some Spring Cleaning…

In late August. How ’bout that? You ever get the feeling that your life is starting to get cluttered? Stressful situations with people that you need to cut loose… Overdrawing yourself… No point in having useless things hanging around. right?

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

Apparently, this genius assumed that shooting his lawnmower would make it start. It didn’t. Go Figure.

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Is It Really That Bad?

Hello. My name is brran1, and I’m a chronic texter. On average, I send about 2000 text messages a month, and I recieve around the same amount if not more. Having a SideKick (or any phone with a QWERTY keyboard … Continue reading

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A Quick Update

For those of you that don’t already know, let me let you in on something. I decided not to go to Miami and chose to stay for the remainder of the internship. There’s nothing wrong with making extra money and … Continue reading

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