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Last Tuesday

(Sorry I’m late posting this Lauren & Coop!) This past Tuesday, Lauren, Coop and I met up at Sugarhill for the Tuesday Night Jam. The event is one big jam session backed by a house band, and hosted by the … Continue reading

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The 10 Commandments…in Ebonics

Best Friend N sent me this email a few days back and I decided to post it… TEN COMMANDMENTS EBONICS STYLE Sometimes you have to get the message across as best as you can. Try this for those who can’t … Continue reading

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Enjoying The Snow/Sleet/Ice/Slush Day.

I woke up around 8 AM and I immediately jumped on my laptop. Morgan State University is closed today! I looked outside and it looked as if the roads were clear, but hey, I’m definitely not complaining. In addition to … Continue reading

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A Fist Full of Rice

I didn’t have anything planned to post today, but when I ran across this, I had to…LOL Look at all that star power….Beyonce and Barney? Man this is gonna be the greatest movie of all time…smh lol

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4 Things *Borrowed from pSerendipity* :)

Four Jobs I have had in my life: 1: Photographer’s Assistant 2: 1st Job at the Hospital 3: 2nd (current job) at the Hospital 4: I’ve only had three jobs lol. Four Movies I watch Over and Over: 1: The … Continue reading

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You know you go to an HBCU when…

You see the ladies walking around decked out in full makeup and with stilettos on…@ 8 AM. You go to the football games…not for the game, but to socialize. Dudes pass out the same fliers for the latest party and … Continue reading

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Funny Isht

You can tell I’m straight bored…No more YouTube posts for awhile after this…lol

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