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Employment Ads.

5 months until Graduation. Finding full-time employment is the next logical step, right? Outside of browsing a few newspaper articles and networking with some contacts I’ve come across this past year in reference to employment, I have yet to start … Continue reading

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Nervous Energy

By now, I’m almost 100% certain that unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you already know that the economy is crap right now. As I look around and keep in touch with a … Continue reading

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An Excellent Explanation

While I was scoping out my G-Reader this morning, I came across this post by the good people over at PostBourgie. These videos give an explanation of the Credit Crisis so simple,¬† that even my 11 year old nephew could … Continue reading

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CNN’s Black in America

Last night, I watched the last segment of CNN’s new documentary which is entitled Black in America. It was a look at the state of African Americans in the United States. While I would say it could be viewed as … Continue reading

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C’mon Nader… Are You Serious?

Per the Associated Press, America’s favorite 3rd Party candidate and Democratic Vote-Stealer¬†Ralph Nader has annouced that he will join the race for the presidency…again. In the 2000 Election, his entry into the race cost Gore the election. Hopefully this go … Continue reading

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The Most Recent Update on the Govt. Stimulus Package.

*Updated 4/28/08*: For those of you that haven’t heard about the stimulus checks, Congress will start direct depositing them into people’s bank accounts this week. For people that wish to have direct deposit, but also want the checks split between … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve Drops Interest Rates by 1/2 a Point

Today, Yahoo! News reported (via the Associated Press) that The Federal Reserve dropped interest rates by half a point instead of the assumed three-quarters of a point. This is in hopes of the economy bouncing back from a recession that … Continue reading

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