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Truly Random.

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I guess y’all have noticed that right? I haven’t really been feeling blogging too tough since Summer Break started. It seems as if everytime i get close enough to computer to blog, it totally escapes … Continue reading

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Hey brran, What’s Been Going on During the Past Few Days?

Last Friday, I had a meeting with the boss. We went over the entire project I’ve been working on over the past 8 weeks. Strangely enough he mentioned that I did pretty well for a person that had not been … Continue reading

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CNN’s Black in America

Last night, I watched the last segment of CNN’s new documentary which is entitled Black in America. It was a look at the state of African Americans in the United States. While I would say it could be viewed as … Continue reading

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Last Tuesday

(Sorry I’m late posting this Lauren & Coop!) This past Tuesday, Lauren, Coop and I met up at Sugarhill for the Tuesday Night Jam. The event is one big jam session backed by a house band, and hosted by the … Continue reading

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What Do You Think?

After a rerun of this week’s episode of ‘The Bad Girls Club’ went off, I found myself watching (because I lost the remote) a rerun of Tyra Banks’ talk show. On this episode she posed this question: Does Birth Order … Continue reading

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B.E.T.: Your Way

So recently, I have heard many conversations across many blogs about how people think that BET is beneath them, and how they loathe the network for it’s portrayal of African Americans. So I’ve come up with this scenario. Let’s say, … Continue reading

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Funny Isht

You can tell I’m straight bored…No more YouTube posts for awhile after this…lol

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