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Blazing a Trail

  Going off of what has been in the media lately, it is appears that newly elected President Barack Obama and his Administration are blazing a trail towards what he promised during the length of his campaign. 

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How Do You Feel?

I peeped this joint over on Eb the Celeb’s music blog a few days back and I’ve been bumping it ever since. It’s by Dwele, who happens to be one of my favorite singers to come out in this decade. … Continue reading

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Ever Heard Of ‘Bowing Out Gracefully’?

You haven’t? Well Senator Clinton, I do believe it is time to do just that. Now that its almost statistically impossible for you to win, I’d say it’s time to cut your losses and just head on over to Harlem … Continue reading

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When Keepin’ It Real Goes Stupid

It is a widely known fact that most people with a melanin deficit already expect people of color to act a certain way, regardless of standing. In this video, Rev. Wright confirms that suspicion 3 times over.

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The Genius of the Month: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Was it really necessary to cry on national television for sympathy? Do you really think that your victory in those states are really gonna slow down Obama? I must give it to you, poking fun of yourself on SNL was … Continue reading

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What Do You Think?

With the way everything is going now, Who do you think has the better chance of nabbing the Democratic nomination for President? Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama? Why?

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C’mon Nader… Are You Serious?

Per the Associated Press, America’s favorite 3rd Party candidate and Democratic Vote-Stealer Ralph Nader has annouced that he will join the race for the presidency…again. In the 2000 Election, his entry into the race cost Gore the election. Hopefully this go … Continue reading

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