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Keep It In Order.

Go to class. Study. Go to work. Go to the Yearbook Office and pick up your assignments. Go to the E-Board Meeting. Go to that forum. Go to that General Body Meeting. Take notes. Finish this project. Go to that … Continue reading

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Speedbumps and Stop Signs.

As I suspected would happen, I had to drastically alter my gym time once school started. While working, I got into the routine of going to the gym 5 days a week. While there, I would lift and do 4+ … Continue reading

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A Conversation.

Me: “Yo, you still competing in the ‘Do You Know Your Best Friend Contest’  with me tonight?” Best Friend (or so I thought) A: “Uh, nah. Me and my girl are gonna chill today. Besides, I don’t know you well enough!” … Continue reading

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We Need A Resolution

Usually around 12/28 or so, I start to reflect on how far I’ve come during the course of the outgoing year. However, with me just taking a breather from the past semester, making New Year Resolutions were the farthest thing … Continue reading

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