Since December 1, 2011 I’ve been thinking about what I’ve wanted to do with this blog. I’ve oscillated between leaving the blog here as a bit of a reminder of my glory days and starting up posts again, but the same thing happens everytime I click the ‘New Post’ tab. I have the space and I have the ideas but nothing ends up on the screen. I’m not sure if my inability to write stems from a fear of judgement, writer’s block or any other issues that have been happening as of late, but I feel it’s time to close shop.

I started blogging on December 13, 2007,  and The Black Lounge has provided me the space to share my thoughts and ideas with everyone whether or not I knew them. I’ve had awesome experiences and conversations, come across blogs that I still read to this day and have even met a few people via blogging whom I consider to be friends. A few things have happened over the past week which have caused me to put  things in my life into perspective. With that perspective, I feel that it’s time to move on. I haven’t updated this blog in months, and in all honesty, I no longer feel comfortable sharing my thoughts here. Thanks to everyone for the years of support and for allowing me to share my thoughts.

It’s been real folks. Take Care.


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