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Something to Ponder…

Should Ex-Cons be allowed to vote?

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Throwback Thursday

What tracks are these?

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Damn, I Feel Old.

So, my first two days of classes are over, and at this point, I’ve gone to all of my classes once. It feels wierd being a Super Senior. But I’m pretty sure I’ll get over that feeling in a few … Continue reading

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Back to School…

And back on the grind. Today’s my long day which means I’ll be in class from 12p-5p. I’ll come back with a post later on about how my first two days of school were. I also have some posts in … Continue reading

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A Good Read via Organized Noise

Ok, so I was up last night reading a couple blogs before bed, and I stumbled upon fellow Morganite Organized Noise‘s latest post. It’s definitely a good read. If more couple’s read/followed this e-mail, the divorce rate would drop to … Continue reading

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Doing Some Spring Cleaning…

In late August. How ’bout that? You ever get the feeling that your life is starting to get cluttered? Stressful situations with people that you need to cut loose… Overdrawing yourself… No point in having useless things hanging around. right?

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Still on Vacation…

🙂 New posts starting on Monday. -brran1

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