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Back to the Drawing Board.

I previewed my midterm grades this past Friday and I was not impressed at all. In fact, I was downright pissed at what I saw. Out of my four classes, I’m only passing one. That’s right, only one. In addition to all of … Continue reading

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October 13, 2003

Here on The Black Lounge, if you go into my archives, you’ll see that the majority of my posts under the category ‘Family’ are centered on my maternal family. That’s because of the fact that I was only exposed to that one side … Continue reading

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Whatever You Like

LOL… I don’t even know what to say. Just listen to it.

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Throwback Thursday

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Being Sick Sucks Chunks.

Yesterday I came straight home from campus (something I never do) and got in the bed. After a brief power nap I woke up, mingled with the family and got back in the bed a few hours later. I should … Continue reading

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I’ve Had…

A pretty eventful weekend. On Friday, Best Friend A, Best Friend E, and I went to the Estelle/Gym Class Heroes/Roots concert down at Rams Head Live! here in Baltimore. We got there a little after 6 pm, and picked up … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

What tracks are these? (Ok, so I thought it was a woman singing this track. However, when I saw the video, it was a dude. Anyways, it’s still one of my favorite tracks from back in the day)

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